Sam Adams Brewery Tour

Today was another glorious day in Boston. Fiancé and I had one thing on our Boston ‘Must-Do’ list when we knew we were coming up here, and we got to do that today –

The Sam Adams Brewery Tour

bostonday2 022

Where we are staying in the Back Bay area is only a short T ride away from this popular brewery.

bostonday2 023

Fiance and I were really excited to be able to check it out!

bostonday2 025

We got there and were given our ‘passes’ for the tour.

 bostonday2 026

The tour is free but they suggest a $2 donation to a few various charities that Sam Adams supports. Pretty sweet deal.

bostonday2 027bostonday2 028

   bostonday2 032

The promised land.

bostonday2 033 bostonday2 034

While we waited for our tour to begin, fiancé educated himself…

bostonday2 036

And I wrote postcards!

bostonday2 035

The brewery has these fun postcards that you can send to anyone. They provide the postage! Someone special will be getting this postcard!

bostonday2 041 

As the tour started I learned that the facilities in Boston are quite small. They don’t do much mass production here – they still brew beer here, just on a smaller, more specialized scale.

bostonday2 038

The mass production is done in their PA and Cincinnati breweries.

bostonday2 037bostonday2 039 

Then it was time to enter the Ingredient room. 

 bostonday2 056

Here we learned about the different types of barley used.

bostonday2 048

I tried both of these samples. The top lighter colored ones tasted like grape nuts. The darker colored ones tasted like rich , dry cocoa.   bostonday2 050

We also got to check out some  hops.

bostonday2 053

If you smash the above pictured hops in your hand you will get an awesome beer aroma from the leaves.  Don’t eat the hops!

bostonday2 054 

After the ingredient room we did a little more touring of the facilities.

 bostonday2 057

These barrels hold Sam Adams Utopia – which, according to the Guinness book of World Records, is the strongest beer in the world. It’s aged in oak barrels and costs over $200/bottle! We didn’t get to sample that, but it sounded good! 

bostonday2 058 bostonday2 059 

Some more pictures of the active brewery…

bostonday2 061 bostonday2 062 

Then it was time to line up for TASTING!

 bostonday2 064

Everyone grabbed a seat in the Tasting Room. A free tour and free samples at the end -  What could be better?

  bostonday2 066

I was quite excited to try some samples straight from the brewery!

bostonday2 069 

I also enjoyed this picture on the wall – don’t the hops look like artichokes?  I want this framed picture!

bostonday2 070 

A few beers on tap.

  bostonday2 073

Some of our sample beer waiting to be drunk.

 bostonday2 074

We even got this free tasting glass to keep! I sort of love it!

 bostonday2 077

Our first beer sample – the Boston Lager. Apparently all the beers in the Sam Adams line, originated here in the Boston brewery, except for the Lager, which was first brewed in Jim Koch’s kitchen.

 bostonday2 078

Doesn’s that look delish? 

bostonday2 080

One happy girl!

bostonday2 081   

Each tasting glass had a separate step listed on the back. Fiance got step 2.

bostonday2 085

I got the best one – Step 4!

bostonday2 084  bostonday2 087

Fiancé decided to play with my camera for the below pictures. I believe he could be quite the photographer!

bostonday2 090bostonday2 091

bostonday2 092bostonday2 093bostonday2 094

Lining up our next sample.

bostonday2 086  

Sam Adams Summer Ale – this one was my favorite!

bostonday2 097

Our tour guide Jessie was awesome! Informative and funny! Best combo for a tour guide in my book!

 bostonday2 099

Last up we had a special surprise! We got to try one of the Home Brew finalist beers – the American Rye – which is being judged this summer to potentially be one of Sam Adams next brews! If it’s picked as a winner (which I think it will be!) it will be available for purchase next year!

bostonday2 102

It was yummy!

 bostonday2 101

 bostonday2 103  

Fiancé and I really enjoyed the tasting!

bostonday2 106

Our tour guide told us we would reach the end of the tour when we looked up under our glass and could see the ceiling!

Wah Wah!

I guess my tour was over!

bostonday2 107 

A few more silly pictures outside the brewery!

bostonday2 109bostonday2 111bostonday2 112

But this is how everyone feels leaving the tour – AWESOME!

bostonday2 115

Upon leaving a little birdie told us that if we hit up Doyle’s down the street after the tour, we would get a free Sam Adams pint glass, so obviously we had to head down there for another drink.

 bostonday2 129

These glasses are awesome. They preserve the flavor of the beer – we are excited to take them home with us!

bostonday2 120 

Apparently Doyle’s has been featured in various movies and is a really old bar. I just love pubs in general so it was cool to check out.

I got another Summer Ale and also sampled the Cherry Wheat.

  bostonday2 123

 bostonday2 126

Fiancé got the  Lager.

bostonday2 128  

Fiancé was in charge of picking the appetizer we were going to split. He picked the hang-battered onions rings.

bostonday2 131

They weren’t the healthiest option, but they were pretty good. After an afternoon of beer sampling, it pretty much hit the spot!

  bostonday2 133  

I am off to dinner with fiancé! 

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  • Reply Anne @ the doctor takes a wife May 22, 2010 at 12:01 am

    Looks like you guys had a total blast!!

    I've been on the Miller Brew tour in Milwaukee. Free samples are always the best part 😀

  • Reply Kim@EatandBe May 22, 2010 at 9:12 am

    I've done the Sam Adam's brewery tour in the past with girlfriends and it was a blast! Thanks for sharing…it brought back a ton of fun memories!
    Enjoy your trip. Kim@EatandBe

  • Reply ladypurpl May 22, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    Wow, beer and free glasses too! Looks like a lot of fun, I know someone at my house who would have loved that tour! Can you guess who?

  • Reply Jacqui May 25, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    The tour was my favorite part of our trip to Boston! Glad you got the free glass too.

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