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Yesterday was a crazy, fun filled day! Fiancé and I woke up bright and early (5:00 am!) We got tickets on an early Amtrak so we would get into Boston and have the rest of the day there. We got a cab to 30th Street Station and sat and waited for our train.


The train was super easy, comfortable and quiet. After a short nap I woke up, plugged in all my electronics and did a little work. There was no wireless, but I was still able to get some stuff done. I enjoyed the power connection for sure!


The train took us through some pretty areas. I love these pictures I got of NYC in the distance. The train stopped at Penn Station, but then we continued on our way up North.

DSC_0461 DSC_0466 

Once we got into Connecticut (I believe) we started seeing lots of water along the way. It was very pretty.    


5 hours and 45 minutes later we arrived at our hotel! We are staying in the Back Bay/Theater district area which we are finding to be an awesome location! We can pretty much walk everywhere.

After unpacking our bags we decided to take advantage of the beautiful afternoon yesterday and walk around exploring some of Boston. First we walked through the Boston Common area.

DSC_0473  DSC_0475

Then we hit up Charles street, which has so much fun stuff going on!


At reader Lauren’s suggestion (Hi Lauren!) we hit up The Parmount for lunch!


Lauren said the place gets crazy packed for lunch on the weekends, but it was pretty packed for a random Thursday too! They offered breakfast or lunch. Breakfast sounded good, but I wanted lunch!


As we walked along Charles Street we noticed all the restaurants have big open windows in the front for beautiful days like this. It was very nice to see that.


I got a Greek salad without tomatoes.


It was yummy and I ate it in about 5 seconds flat. Fiance got a cheeseburger and he ate his before I was able to take a picture of it too! We were hungry!


After that we walked about Beacon Hill which is gorgeous.


I would like to live here please. Thank you.


Then we walked back through the Common area on our way to our next destination.


Next we hit up the Public Garden.


Boston’s Garden and Common areas are just so nice to walk through and kept so beautiful too. 


We walked until we saw the Swan boats, which apparently, if you are a true Boston native, you must ride.  


We didn’t ride them, we watched them from dry land…


And made silly faces…


And found baby ducks!


How cute are these little nuggets! I wanted to put one in my pocket!


Photo-op in the gardens.

DSC_0502 DSC_0503 DSC_0504 

Seriously, everything it kept so nice and clean. The flowers are gorgeous, I didn’t see any trash, the grass was so green. It was lovely.


Then we stumbled upon what Meghan told me is referred to as Romeo & Juliet – the nesting swans!


There are about 6-8 eggs under that swan there. So cool to see!


I am not sure which is Romeo and which is Juliet, but apparently they are both female. These swans were big! Their necks were a little freaky too, very snake-like – but it was neat to see them up close!

DSC_0511DSC_0513 DSC_0514DSC_0515  DSC_0517

I turned around after watching the swans for a bit and fiancé decided to take a nap on the grass.


I decided that was a good idea. We hung out there for a bit and enjoyed the beautiful day.

 DSC_0526 DSC_0527  DSC_0531 

It was a hot day out so after a while we decided to find a fun little watering hole to quench our thirst.


We are on vacation so we had to find a little pub the enjoy a beer! We stumbled upon Jacob Wirth.


This place had about 40 beers on tab! It was insane. Way too many for me to choose, so in times like these, I leave it up to the bartender to make my choice for me.


Fiancé enjoyed a fun German beer.


I believe mine was from the Czech Republic. It was delish and it was also the perfect way to end our afternoon of exploring!


Be back later to share our evening fun!

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  • Reply Ashley May 21, 2010 at 11:24 am

    how fun!! every time we go to boston it is crazy cold..it looks so pretty there right now! Glad you are having fun..enjoy your weekend!

  • Reply Julie May 21, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    So glad your having fun in Boston! Can't wait to see you tomorrow for our loooong overdue reunion! Muah! xoxo

  • Reply ladypurpl May 22, 2010 at 9:44 am

    I love Boston as well, it is a beautiful city and so easy to get around in. The park is so pretty and looks like you both had a fun-filled day! Glad you were able to enjoy a Pub too!

  • Reply maiah May 22, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    what a lovely post about boston – i grew up there and now live in nyc but your post has me seriously contemplating a move back home 🙂 beautiful blog.

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