Wine, Cheese and A Bear’s Place

I love wine and cheese nights.  Fiancé and I have them every so often when we just feel like kickin’ back, relaxing and aren’t too hungry for a big meal.

A while back, I was sent some coupons from KerryGold to try out their cheeses and butters.

bbq 002

There were a few different cheese varieties to choose from but I picked up the Whiskey Cheddar, because I was pretty sure fiancé would really enjoy that!  I don’t know many boys that wouldn’t love some Whiskey Cheddar cheese!

bbq 003

Another perk of our wine and cheese night was that we got to use another fun gift from our engagement party! Check out our cheese board! The knife comes out the side of the platter! Awesome!

bbq 004 

And what’s some nice cheese without some great new wine?

 bbq 008

My friend Meredith first told me about this wine the other night and I knew I had to try it out! Check out the description – I love that it has a violet aroma with bits of liquorice, incense and fruit. Yum!

bbq 011

Fiancé and I cheered to another great weekend together (in our new wine glasses!).  bbq 013

I paired the KerryGold cheese with some triscuts.

bbq 014

This cheese is amazing. The Whiskey Cheddar flavoring is out of control! It’s so yummy.

bbq 015

If you are in the store and see KerryGold cheese, you need to try it out. They have some other flavors I will definitely be trying out!

 bbq 016

In other news I purchased Rose’s new book the other day and it finally came in the mail! I was so excited when I got it!

KellyDr 041

I am so excited for all my blog friends and their book deals. I can’t wait to buy everyone’s! I think Roses’  is the first book I have purchased that I actually ‘know’ the author!

KellyDr 042

You can read more about how Rose’s book came to be here.

KellyDr 092

Congratulations to Rose! The book looks awesome! I can’t wait to start reading!

KellyDr 112

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  • Reply ladypurpl May 17, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    I love the cheese board and your new wine goblets! Classy! That cheese does look amazing, need to look for that label next time I shop. Enjoy your friends book!

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