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June 1, 2010

Graduation Nation

Fiancé and I have had a very busy past two weekends! We both have brothers the same age, seniors in college, and each of them graduated from college this month! Woohoo class of 2010!

grad 087

The main point of our trip up to Boston last weekend was to be there for fiancé’s brother’s graduation from Boston College.

joe's 177 

I had never seen the BC campus before, it was lovely!

joe's 196joe's 180

We went to the Baccalaureate Mass on Sunday - 

joe's 181

And then we hit up the Mods (modular housing for seniors on the BC campus) for a BBQ. Being in a senior apartment made me miss college. They had walls of beer ( what college dorm doesn’t?)

joe's 182joe's 183

And a pretty sweet “BC” wall decoration made from Keystone Ice cases. It was an impressive form of decor if I do say so myself!

joe's 184

We had a fun afternoon on campus celebrating with the graduates. We drank out of red solo cups, played drinking games and had a jolly old time. It made me miss college so much!

joe's 185

On Monday we headed out to the big stadium for the actual graduation ceremony. There were so many people in the stadium! It was a rough day for a graduation outside, the heat was almost unbearable and the ceremony lasted a long time because there were so many people.  joe's 188

But then the time came for Rob to get his diploma!

 joe's 193

Woohoo Collage Graduate!

joe's 195

After the ceremony we met up back at the Mods for family pictures.

Don’t fiancé and his brother look alike?

joe's 198

The men in the family.  

joe's 200

Siblings – Hi Kate! 🙂

joe's 201

The whole gang.

07 Rob and His Family at the Mods

It was a long day at BC, but I enjoyed being able to celebrate with Rob and the rest of fiancé’s family!

 08 Charles and Leslie at the Mods

Fast forward to this weekend which was MY brother’s graduation from the University of Scranton! Fiancé and I headed up yesterday (Sunday – right smack dab in the middle of Memorial Day Weekend) to Scranton for the graduation festivities.


This graduation was much smaller than BC’s – we were able to see Michael (my bro) process out with the rest of his class.

(He is the guy in the middle of the picture)

grad 005

Scranton did a great job decorating the arena for the event. It was also nice to sit inside in the air conditioning and watch everything!

 grad 014

Another nice thing about the graduation was that my dad is a University of Scranton Alumni. He also just ended his term as the President of the Alumni Society there, so that meant that my dad got to present my brother with his diploma on stage.

Here are my brother and dad in line for the stage. My dad is waving!

grad 033 

It was a nice personal touch to the graduation.

grad 035Woohoo College Graduate!   

 grad 028

After the ceremony inside it was time to brave the heat outside for some more family pictures!

grad 057

Group shot – my uncle, parents, brother, fiancé and yours truly

grad 065

Way to go Michael! 

 grad 067

Michael and his girlfriend Joan! Hi Joan!

grad 068  

Proud parents.

grad 071

Family shot.

 grad 072  

After being in the sun too long I decided it was time to go and celebrate somewhere inside (with air conditioning!)

grad 079  grad 082grad 086

We headed out to Bar Louie in the Mohegan Sun complex . grad 089

I immediately bought this guy a drink! He earned it!

grad 088

Congratulations to Michael & Robert! 

Spending so much time at colleges the past two weekends made me miss college life!

What do you miss most (or love most) about  college?

I miss just hanging out with friends all the time and the laid back lifestyle with minimal responsibilities. The real world is very different from college life! It’s also hard going from seeing some friends every single day to now having friends spread all over the country! It is fun to go visit people but it will never be the same as it was when we all lived together!

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