Mr. Greengenes & Avalon Freeze

Sorry for the lack of posting today. After my big birthday weekend down the shore, I spent some time today focusing on getting out of beach mode ! It took a while because I had so much fun this weekend! So much fun in fact that fiancé and I are heading back down to Avalon again this weekend! Woohoo! Back2Back beach weekends!

I wanted to do a little rewind post recapping the rest of my weekend. After my big Buitoni Birthday Dinner on Saturday all 10 of my friends and I headed over to Jack’s Place

bday 222

Everyone in our group was pumped about going to Jack’s Place that evening because there was something special we wanted to see

bday 223 

Mr. Greengenes was performing on my Birthday! Mr. Greengenes is a top 40 cover band. They are out of control, crazy fun!

bday 224 bday 225

They are pretty big in the DC/Philadelphia region, which is where I have lived my entire life. In the summer they head on out to the New Jersey and Delaware beaches, which is also where I reside during the summer, so I always go see them play whenever they are around!

   bday 239

Do you have a favorite local band you like to see?

bday 242     

After all the birthday festivities before we headed back to Philadelphia I insisted that we stop at Avalon Freeze.

bday 249

Best chocolate dipped ice cream on the island.

bday 250 

I love local joints run by college kids in the summer.

bday 252 

I got what I came for!

 bday 254

I ordered a chocolate twist non fat yogurt dipped in chocolate.

Is there ever such a thing as too much chocolate??

bday 255

It was super hot down the shore this weekend, so I had to eat my ice cream crazy fast, because it was starting to melt on me quick!

bday 256

Things got a little messy

(please excuse the wet hair)

 bday 264

Yummy in my tummy (and on my face!) I was the perfect birthday treat to end our super fun weekend!

bday 257

What’s your favorite summer treat?      


Giveaway Updates

The winner of the BeautyFix Giveaway is – Bobbi

Congrats Girl! Send me your information!

I also still haven’t heard from the winner of my Into the Heart of Italy Giveaway which I posted last week. This is an amazing prize pack! The winner has until Wednesday to contact me or I will be picking a new winner!


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  • Reply ladypurpl June 15, 2010 at 7:07 am

    You certainly hit the jackpot this weekend, birthday, friends to help you celebrate, Mr. Greenjenes, Avalon freeze and fiance who loves you. My favorite summer treat is Dairy Queen Chocolate dipped cone.

  • Reply Anne @ the doctor takes a wife June 16, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    Chocolate dipped cones are my favorite thing about summer. Did you know that the dip is mostly wax?? That's what makes it harden… I know it's kinda gross. I know it from the summer I worked at the local Dairy Queen competitor… I ate lots of cones that summer!!

  • Reply amanda June 17, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    mr. greengenes rocks! he's like the best. i'm a princeton girl, myself. but i've been to jack's. such a lovely time. hope you totally rocked out, girl!

  • Reply elithebith April 24, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    you dont have anofe topings

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