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Yesterday morning fiancé and I got up and headed straight to the bike store! I have been stalking craigslist for the past few weeks trying to find a good deal on a road bike. I met with someone and have checked out a few bikes, but nothing has tickled my fancy.

I was trying to find something used because I don’t want to spend a small fortune on a new bike. My Trek bike works great, its only a few years old, rides well and has held up fabulously. I haven’t had any problems with it, except for speed. Since it’s a hybrid it has a heavier frame and the tires are for on and off-roading. I like how I can use it for dual purpose riding but biking in Philly is mainly road riding!

Since I don’t think I will be able to score a new set of wheels before the triathlon next weekend I went to the bike store to see if there was anything else I can do to improve my speed!

13 018

The sales clerk and I had a long, deep and meaningful conversation (not really!)  about my biking needs. He suggested getting some new road tires – they are smaller, lighter with less traction – he said they would make a pretty big difference in my riding.

They were also on sale for $10 so I figured I didn’t have much to loose so I went for it!

These are my old tires that came with the bike. They are about 3-4 years old and have been with me though many miles!

13 020

Here are my new wheels – Ow Ow!

13 019

You can really see the difference in the traction

  13 02213 021

And this picture doesn’t do the tires justice, but the new ones are significantly smaller.   

13 02113 022

Fiancé and I got home and took our bikes for a little test ride. I really wanted to power through the 15.5 mile distance which I will be racing next weekend, which is just what we did. Fiancé was a trooper because it’s been a while since he has biked, but he pushed through and did really well.

The new tires were amazing. I swear they cut a minute off my time per mile – which is a pretty substantial difference! I was biking about 5:30 min mile, but today it was around 4:30 min mile! I was very happy with the new tires, hopefully they will continue to rock my training rides this week!

After our epic bike ride through West River Drive, the Schuylkill Banks, Art Museum, Kelly Drive all the way to Manayunk. It was fun to bike with fiancé! We ended up stopping in Manayunk for brunch, because after biking in this heat, we were hangry!

We decided on stopping at Le Bus for brunch.

13 028

We have been here a few times before (back when I was a blonde!) and it never disappoints!

13 023

I love me some brunch, and it was the perfect place to refuel!

13 02713 024

We pretty much destroyed this bread basket. The cornbread was my favorite! Yum!

13 029

Le Bus had a few specials today that sounded very tasty! I decided to try one – I went for the roasted vegetable frittata. It sounded pretty amazing.

13 025

It tasted just as awesome as it sounded. The ricotta cheese was pretty amazing, and I loved the artichoke and red peppers mixed in!

  13 031

It was very yummy!  

13 032

Fiancé got scrambled eggs. He loves classic breakfast items!

13 030

It was so much fun to get new tires and give them a whirl. Fiancé and I had a great time getting our exercise on! We even have been talking about doing some bike races together! I would love to have that as something we could both work towards and train for together!

Anyone know of any fun bike races in Philly?

We are thinking of doing Bike Philly which includes a 10, 20 and 35 mile course option. I want to do the 35, fiancé wants to do 20. Anyone ever done this race? Thoughts?

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  • Reply Heather @ Side of Sneakers July 25, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    I have a slow, heavy hybrid too- I changed my tires a few months back and it really helps!! (The same exact same ones you just got 😉 )

  • Reply ~Mrs. Guru~ July 25, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    I want to get a new bike in the future. I like to bike ride and think it will help mix in some different types of cardio/exercise to my routine!

  • Reply Anonymous July 25, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    Bike Philly is awesome. It's especially fun to ride through the closed off streets in Center City. I've done the 20 miler a few years in a row now and my boyfriend always does the 35 (I think the last 15 miles are on roads open to traffic, but I might be wrong on that). You don't have to sign up for a certain distance… you can just decide that day and turn in early if you have any issues. It's a great event!

  • Reply amanda July 25, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    you two are cute!

    mmm, a good bike race? i'd be interested in doing something like that. if only the bike seat didn't hurt my tush so badly!

  • Reply ladypurpl July 26, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Sounds like a great idea, doing a bike race together. A good cardio workout never hurt anyone – right fiance?Glad your new tires are working for you – I guess you didn't like that yellow bike?

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