Embrace the Green (Monster)

Ok, ok, the green monster never really left my little world, I just haven’t posted about it in a long time!

The other day I received a reader request to explain how I make my green monsters, so I figured I would start this Friday morning off with a little green monster post!

Green monsters are one of my all time favorite breakfast meals. I love the fact that I can get a massive bunch of spinach in my system bright and early in the morning! Spinach is so good for you! I swear since I had my first green monster (which was almost a year and a half ago!) I have seen improvement in my skin, my hair has been growing a lot and my nails are stronger! Woohoo!

jacksons 4 122 

My classic green monster smoothie includes:

  • 2-4 cups of spinach (depends on how big of a monster you want!)
  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 1 banana (fresh or frozen)
  • sprinkling of flax seeds/wheat berries/chia seeds

 jacksons 4 137

I always wash my spinach before it goes in the blender. I know some people don’t wash their fruits/veggies before eating, but I am not one of those people. I always give everything a little rinse.

jacksons 4 089

Do you wash your fruits/veggies before eating?

jacksons 4 138

Then it’s time for everything to go into the blender! The spinach goes in first, followed by the banana.

jacksons 4 140

To this monster, I added some Amazing Grass powder that I got in my HLS Swag bag this past weekend. I usually like to throw in some sort of powder to my monsters these days for a little bit of an extra kick. One of my favorite flavors to add is chocolate protein powder!

jacksons 4 141

I love adding seeds to my monsters. I also really love not fully blending them in the smoothie. Flax seeds and wheat berries are the two most popular seeds in my monsters.

jacksons 4 120

I like the little crunch that comes from them!

jacksons 4 142 jacksons 4 143

Next up is a very essential ingredient – Almond Milk! And this particular almond milk expires the day after my wedding day!

When it expires, I will be married! Haha!

jacksons 4 144

For me personally, the almond milk combined with the banana overpowers any taste the spinach has, which makes it super easy to drink, and tasty too!

jacksons 4 145

I put about a cup of almond milk in my monsters.

jacksons 4 146jacksons 4 147

Last, but not least is the ice, which tops off the monster. This makes the monster cold and is very important to add!

jacksons 4 148

Blend for a few minutes until your monster looks like this – pretty green and very bubbly! Yum!

 jacksons 4 091

I enjoyed my green monster in my Oddyssey Half Marathon finishers pint glass! This monster was a little different because of the Amazing Grass powder which had a lemon lime flavor to it, which I really enjoyed. I didn’t think I would like it in my monster, but I did!

jacksons 4 092 

Using my favorite glass dharma glass straw!

jacksons 4 119

If you need more information on how I make my Green Monsters, check out my Green Monster 101 post, which gives some more step by step information.

I also have a whole section devoted to Green Monsters and my Juicing Creations here. If you have any other questions for me about my monsters, please ask!

jacksons 4 115

My greatest piece of advice in terms of these smoothies is don’t be afraid to try something new because I guarantee that with these drinks you will be pleasantly surprised how tasty they are!

Don’t fear the green!

Have you ever tried a green monster before? What do you do differently to your favorite monster smoothies?

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10 Responses to Embrace the Green (Monster)

  1. Angela

    I love green monsters but it took me forever to try one. I've been seeing them for over a year, but I was never a smoothie girl until about a month ago. I was scared of the taste, I just didn't feel like dealing with the clean up. Totally worth it though, and its not much more clean up than the usual. I like to add spices to mine to make them more flavorful, a little vanilla, some cinnamon or even nutmeg depending on the fruit. Yum!

  2. scargosun

    Ok, ok, ok. Next week I will start them. 🙂 Do you drink them as a meal replacement or as a supplement?

  3. Jacqui

    I love them too. I use frozen fruit most times instead of ice. It is a nice way to get them cold and not add water.

  4. Trying To Heal

    Ohhh…i love green monsters! i actually just stick spinach in all my smoothies no matter what! i think it actually helps thicken it up naturally!

  5. Veggies, Cake & Cocktails

    I always wash my fruits and veggies. I probably was them too much but I want to make sure they are clean before I put them in my body;)

    I've really been trying to buy more organic fruits and veggies. Makes me feel better knowing no pesticides were sprayed on them.

  6. Brittney

    I was wondering about trying the lemon lime Amazing Grass (from HLS) in a Green Monster… I think I will try it now that you have it a good taste test 🙂

  7. Lawgirl

    I've been putting trying one off forever. I just don't want to drink it for breakfast and then have to go to the bathroom while in class. Since spinach makes you go… But, I would love to improve the hair and skin!

  8. Emily Malloy

    You're a genius!

  9. Charm City Kim

    I miss green monsters but I still can't stomach them just yet. The pitfalls of pregnancy…

  10. ladypurpl

    I always wash my fruits and veggies! I love spinach but afraid to try it in a smoothie but will have to one of these days. The green color scares me!

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