Kale and Roasted Vegetable Soup

Tonight’s dinner is inspired by one of the lovely contestants in Foodbuzz’s Project Food Blog competition which I have been following!

I love reading all the amazing recipes and posts which the contestants have come up with. I am even more excited to know a few of the lovely ladies still in the running! Makes me proud.

This week the contestants had to do a video post on a recipe and the second I saw this post from the lovely Emily, I knew I had to make it ASAP! I made  a few changes to her recipe solely based on what I had in the kitchen, but I have plans to follow her exact recipe as soon as I make a trip to the grocery store!

Here is my attempt at an Ode to The Front Burner’s Soup:

I started off with washing some cauliflower


I also then cut up half of a butternut squash


I roasted the squash, cauliflower and a small potato in the oven at 400* for about 45 minutes or until they were browned and tender


Cauliflower and butternut squash make me happy.


I then washed a bunch of kale and chopped it up into pieces


I then threw some chopped up onions and garlic in a pan with olive oil and I sautéed everything until tender.


When those veggies were tender I added some carrots for color!


While the veggies above were getting tender, it was time to pull the roasted veggies out of the oven.

  DSC_0991  DSC_0993

I added 4 cups of vegetable stock to the veggies on the stove and brought everything to a boil and then topped it off with the roasted veggies.


Everything then hung out in the pot for a while


And then eventually it magically became soup!

 DSC_0998  DSC_1000

Then I topped off the soup with some kale and put a lid over the pan to let the kale wilt and steam. I love that bright green color in the soup!


When the kale melted down, it was time to add some protein to the mix, this was accomplished by topping everything off with black beans.

 DSC_1005 DSC_1006

I mixed everything around heating up the beans and then I was ready to get my soup on!


I poured some soup into a salsabol and I was ready to eat (after a short photo shoot with my creation of course!

DSC_1011 DSC_1012

I really love the combination of vegetables in this soup. The roasted veggies paired with the steamed and cooked veggies was a great mix of textures and flavors – I really enjoyed it!


This was a soup you could make or season with as much or as little you want, and you can make it however you want too! I love recipes like this, you can personalize it to use your favorite vegetables!


Have you been following Project Food Blog? What is your favorite entry so far? I am very impressed with Joe & Betsy’s submissions, I think everything they have done has been super creative. I also have been loving Emily’s (obviously) and Oh She Glows is awesome too! Who have you been enjoying reading?


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  • Reply Melissa Cari November 17, 2010 at 1:56 am

    haha Leslie check out my post today. I made something so similar! Great minds… 🙂

    So excited for Friday!

  • Reply Rose November 17, 2010 at 3:24 am

    This looks delicious – and easy, win win!

  • Reply Amanda - RunToTheFinish November 17, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    thank you for posting this!! i have had a huge craving for more veggies and this is just what I need. it's got that warm satisfing sort of feeling. yeahhh can't wait to make this now!

  • Reply ladypurpl November 18, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    A colorful and tasty mix! What was fiance's verdict? Where's the beef?

  • Reply Dinetonite November 22, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    I enjoyed your blog very much. The information was interest to me. Thanks for sharing the recipe

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