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The Results Are In!

Thanks  to everyone who commented on my last post! I got lots of great comment via Facebook and twitter too! In other news I got an exciting piece of mail today-

The ING New York City Marathon 2010 Official Results Magazine!


I was excited to see my name! I am still so proud of my time!

4:15:03 Baby!


Kinda cool that only 2 other people got the same time as me. Also kind of badass that I came in 4,863rd place out of 16,124 women! That’s a lot of runners! The New York Marathon was a good race for me!


In other running news registration for the Chicago Marathon opens up tonight at midnight CST. I had an amazing experience running it last year as my first marathon.


Who is signing up for the Chicago Marathon? Anyone running in the New York Marathon this Fall? 


Speaking of Marathons – Remember my Marathon Bracelet that I posted about earlier this week? The maker of the bracelet – Be Jeweled by Renee – offered a lovely deal for any of my readers that want a bracelet of your own!

Feel free to use the code “Lesliesfriends”  in Renee’s ETSY store to get 10% off any order and in her other store to get $5 off any order. She has lots more then marathon bracelets, so check out her sites!


And in final news for the day – Jackson says Hello.


He was extra good posing for pictures today.


Somebody needs a haircut.

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Bloggers Request

Hello! I was at a bit of a standstill today because I was thinking about all the thing I have on the agenda this week that I want to blog about when something stopped me dead in my tracks.

What do the Readers want to Read?

I consider myself a Healthy Living Blogger because I like to blog about how I strive to live a healthier life through diet and exercise. It is one of my passions and I love learning new things all the time through this amazing community.


Sometimes I call myself a Food Blogger because I love to photograph my meals. I enjoy healthy foods as well as sharing recipes and even reviewing restaurants on the blog.


I also consider myself a Running Blogger because I love to sign up for races, share the trials and tribulations of my training plans and then document the races that I run with lots of pictures and a long recap!

Blog Pictures 2010 328

Recently, I have become a bit more of a Wedding Blogger because as out Big Day gets closer and closer the planning becomes a bigger part of my life. Planning a wedding is a lot of work and takes a lot of time, but I love sharing my plans with you all and hearing your thoughts and opinions!

And I always consider myself a Jackson blogger. He is just too cute not to be photographed!

I guess when it comes down to the fact that I pretty much share a big chunk of my life on the blog. I love sharing my experiences with you all and documenting my life through pictures and words.

So my question to you is – What Do You Like To Read About?

What do you want to read more about –  Food? Recipes? Product Reviews? Running/Training? Wedding Planning? Jackson? My Favorite Things?

Let me know! I would love to know what you enjoy reading the most and what you want to read more about!


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HTP’s Grilled Banana Sandwich

I was blessed with fiancé making two glorious breakfasts both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, that I knew I had to start my week off with something epic.

I have seem this meal many times on Caitlin’s blog and was inspired to make it for myself this morning.


It was super easy to make – Prepare the bread like you are making French toast by dunking it in two eggs that are beaten in a bowl. Place the toast on the frying pan and let it darken.

On the side of the toast I sliced a banana a few times down the middle and grilled that on the pan as well.


I wish I had powdered sugar to add to this bad boy! I feel like it might be fun to add peanut butter to the mix next time too!


This recipe was quick, easy and super simple. I am officially in love.


Are you drooling yet?


Because this breakfast was definitely drool-worthy!

DSC_2471 DSC_2472

I enjoyed my meal with a side of tea in one of my favorite mugs from the Disney Princess Half Marathon I ran last year.


The tea in my mug that I enjoyed was Rishi Organic Sweet Mint which I brewed in my lovely pink steeper. I love a lightly flavored mint tea – it’s perfect in the mornings!


All together now. I busted out a new placemat for you this morning. Makes me feel like Spring is coming!

Side Note: I have a placemat obsession. I LOVE them! Anyone know of any good places to get fun placemats??


Hello Monday!


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Eggs and Toast

It has been a fantastic weekend. It started off so good because I have been able to sleep in a bit, fiancé and I hit the gym together and then he has made breakfast both mornings! Love that!

I love eggs and toast for breakfast, but I don’t like preparing the eggs for myself. Don’t know why, it just freaks me out a bit – but I love when fiancé makes them for me!


Two eggs, over medium, Two pieces of whole wheat toast and a side of grapes.


Its a great way to start the day!


Yesterday Fiancé and I had a fun day doing a few things for the wedding. We went and did a little wedding ring shopping (which was just as awesome as it sounds!) I feel in love pretty easily. I want a band that matches the smaller diamonds in my engagement ring.

Done and done.

Picture 280 

Fiancé was a bit harder to shop for. Since he, like many other guys out there, has never worn a ring before, his wedding ring will be a first for him. He tried on almost every ring in the store – and found a few that he liked and that fit him. Since we still have some time before the big day (111 days to go, but who’s counting?) we are going to wait a bit before purchasing, but it was so fun to check out wedding bands!

Anyone have any advice for ring shopping with your fiancé who is a first time ring wearer?

After ring shopping we headed off to the mall to do a little updating on our wedding registry. We got so many amazing gifts at our engagement party last year so we had to change a few things to prepare for the two wedding showers I have coming up. (Yes, two! Family friends are throwing me a shower in Virginia and my future mother-in-law and her sisters are throwing me one in New Jersey too! How lucky am I??)

Snow 576

Fiancé and I are trying to cross a few things off the wedding to-do list every weekend because we know it will just get crazier as it gets closer to the wedding day. I feel like I keep saying that over and over again, but planning a wedding is a lot of work! It is fun to make time for things like this and spend time together prepping for the big day!

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