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January 10, 2011

Dancing is Dreaming with your Feet

Tonight Fiancé and I had a special little excursion out to Society Hill in Philadelphia. We met up with his parents and enjoyed a private dance lesson provided by the wonderful people at Society Hill Dance Academy. Most dance studios offer the first class complimentary, so the 4 of us took advantage of that tonight. We are all in the market for some lessons, obviously Fiancé and I need to get our dancing shoes on for the upcoming Big Day, and his parents wanted to take some lessons as well – so we decided to make an evening out of it, and I am so glad we did!


We started with two wonderful teachers for the four of us and tonight we just went over the basics. We learned the box step and proper posture and form and did a few other steps as well. The 45 minute class flew by and before I knew it – I was hooked!

I had a blast learning the steps with Fiancé from the very basics, it was fun dancing together and giving some thought as to what we want our first dance as husband and wife to be (any suggestions?). At first, Fiancé wasn’t too excited about the whole ‘dancing lessons’ idea, I don’t know many guys who would be, and I think he feared it would ruin his street rep 😉 but after a while, I knew he was enjoying himself.


We are still trying to figure out how the classes would work around our crazy schedule, but we both had a wonderful time tonight and look forward to signing up for a 5 or 6 week course. Our first dance as Husband and Wife is something that is important to both of us, and we want it to be a good one. I know the dancing skills we learn now will be fun to use in the future at other events, and it will be something fun for us to do as a couple too!

Did you or would you take dancing lessons before your wedding day?

Getting My RowZone On!

Today I started off the week with a little something different.


For the first time this morning I took part in a RowZone class at the Manayunk location, and let me just tell you – I had quite a workout!


I didn’t know what to expect at first, but I was excited to try something new and challenge my upper body in a way it hasn’t been worked out before.


Another fun aspect of this class was it wasn’t rowing 100% of the time – we did 2 minutes at 75% then a 1 minute sprint (which was killer) then we got off the rowers and did weights and abs – it was fun to switch it up every few minutes and it kept me from struggling on the rower!


But before class even started I got a little one on one with the teacher to make sure I would be rowing with proper form, It was nice to start the class as a new student with the correct rowing technique.

Here is what that is supposed to look like:


I was pumped to get my feet in the saddle and get my row on!


Here is a little more about the Core Row class I took:


The class flew by and the teacher (Matt) was awesome. He kept it interesting, fun and us on our toes the whole time. I loved getting my heart rate way up during the rowing sprints and then bringing it back down with he weights and abs work. It was a nice compromise.


Since one of my New Years Resolutions was to challenge myself in new ways, I believed this to be a perfect fit for me. I really need to work on my upper body strength a bit more and rowing really helped work out some muscles I haven’t moved in a while!

Here are some things you can expect from a RowZone workout:


I am excited about this location so close to my apartment and I can’t wait to go back for another awesome workout. The only thing is that next time I will be sure to bring my gloves – my hands were hurting after an hour of rowing!

Have you ever done an indoor rowing class before? What was your experience like?


Thanks to Sean who hooked me up with a free trial class today! Check out the RowZone website to try out your first class free!   


In other news, I picked up another amazing Living Social Deal today – 5 classes at Philly Power Yoga for $30! Woohoo! Any of my Philly friends interested in joining me in for some power yoga?


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