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January 30, 2011

Eggs and Toast

It has been a fantastic weekend. It started off so good because I have been able to sleep in a bit, fiancé and I hit the gym together and then he has made breakfast both mornings! Love that!

I love eggs and toast for breakfast, but I don’t like preparing the eggs for myself. Don’t know why, it just freaks me out a bit – but I love when fiancé makes them for me!


Two eggs, over medium, Two pieces of whole wheat toast and a side of grapes.


Its a great way to start the day!


Yesterday Fiancé and I had a fun day doing a few things for the wedding. We went and did a little wedding ring shopping (which was just as awesome as it sounds!) I feel in love pretty easily. I want a band that matches the smaller diamonds in my engagement ring.

Done and done.

Picture 280 

Fiancé was a bit harder to shop for. Since he, like many other guys out there, has never worn a ring before, his wedding ring will be a first for him. He tried on almost every ring in the store – and found a few that he liked and that fit him. Since we still have some time before the big day (111 days to go, but who’s counting?) we are going to wait a bit before purchasing, but it was so fun to check out wedding bands!

Anyone have any advice for ring shopping with your fiancé who is a first time ring wearer?

After ring shopping we headed off to the mall to do a little updating on our wedding registry. We got so many amazing gifts at our engagement party last year so we had to change a few things to prepare for the two wedding showers I have coming up. (Yes, two! Family friends are throwing me a shower in Virginia and my future mother-in-law and her sisters are throwing me one in New Jersey too! How lucky am I??)

Snow 576

Fiancé and I are trying to cross a few things off the wedding to-do list every weekend because we know it will just get crazier as it gets closer to the wedding day. I feel like I keep saying that over and over again, but planning a wedding is a lot of work! It is fun to make time for things like this and spend time together prepping for the big day!

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