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February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day 2011

Fiancé came home bearing roses.

DSC_2990 DSC_2991

Gorgeous, right?

DSC_2992 DSC_2993

And a card.


And champagne.

DSC_3008 DSC_3009 DSC_3011 DSC_3012  DSC_3014

And I got to sit back and relax while Fiancé made dinner!


He worked away in the kitchen and prepared a lovely Valentine’s Day feast!


Salmon, Asparagus and Rice


We had such a busy weekend that it was nice to sit back and relax and enjoy some quality time hanging out in our apartment.


Roses, Cards, Champagne and a meal cooked by my man.

Life is good.


Happy Valentine’s Day! 

My Last Valentine’s as a Single Gal

Happy Valentine’s Day! Since today is all about looooooove I knew I had to start my morning all with lots of red & pink!


And heart shaped oatmeal bowls of course!


I wish I had strawberries in the fridge because they would have worked better with my theme, but blueberries will have to do!


I also enjoyed my morning juice in a fancy martini glass with a red ball because pretending to start your day off with a mocktail is way more fun!


Aren’t I so fancy?


My Monday will be filled with work, yoga and maybe treating myself to a little something special because it is my last Valentine’s Day as a single gal! Next time this year I will be an old married lady! 🙂


Last year, Valentine’s Day was on a Sunday and it was a little more fun to hang out with Fiancé for the day. We went into the city and walked around, checking out the sights and hitting up Love Park. It was a lovely V-Day!

Snow 239

In 2009 we were in Disney World at Epcot enjoying the Beers of the World and then we got to see all the American Idol’s in Hollywood Studios for the opening of the new ride The American Idol Experience!

Those are the only two years I have documented on the blog to look back on! I wish there were more, but it’s great fun to reminisce and recall how we spent holidays from years ago!


Do you have any special Valentine’s Day plans? Doing something fun with your significant other or treating yourself to something special later? Let me know how you plan to celebrate!

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