Mint Chocolate Chip NecessiTea

Life is all about little indulgences, right?


Tonight’s indulgence comes in the form of a tea – Mint Chocolate Chip Tea to be exact. Sounds delightful, right?


The other day, I was tweeting away, and entered a contest run by NecessiTeas and won! They sent me a jar of Mint Chocolate Chip Tea and a few other samples. I was so excited to try it out!


This tea is a chocolate lovers dream. It is a black tea with chocolate flavoring and peppermint leaves. The best part are the Andes Mint chips that are blended in. It’s pretty much chocolate minty perfection!


Sunday night with a cup of this is just the way to spend the evening!


I am not into the whole Super Bowl thing happening tonight. Fiancé is out watching the game with his friends and I am home with Jackson and some work I have to do, but I would much rather be enjoying my tea and watching Glee anyways! For me, I usually only watch the Super Bowl for the fun commercials!

Are you watching the game tonight? Who are you rooting for?

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