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My mom and I struck out at the mall today. We were both in search of fabulous dresses for the rehearsal dinner but we couldn’t find ANYTHING we liked. We went even went to two malls and still came out empty handed in the dress department – but obviously two ladies spending an afternoon at the mall didn’t come home COMPLETELY empty handed.


We picked up a few things for the wedding and a few other things for the honeymoon. We made some progress but our search for rehearsal dinner dresses was an epic fail.

After 7 hours of running around doing errands – we were hungry! So my mom and I met up with my brother and headed over to our favorite little Thai restaurant – Cee’s Thai


As soon as we sat down we got some Jasmine Tea because it is FREEZING in Virginia today!


Warmed me right up!


We got a few different things for the 3 of us and shared. We started off with my mom’s favorite – Paper Moon’s – which are cream cheese and crab.


I enjoyed the Tum-Yum chicken soup which was very much like a hot and sour soup – it was spicy!


My brother tested out the chicken satay – I am loving the spicy peanut sauce!

  DSC_2776 DSC_2777

For my main course (I was starving after walking around the stores all day!), I enjoyed the shrimp pad Thai. It was just as good as it always is.


Probably my favorite Thai dish ever.


We also got the sesame beef stir fry which came with a side of rice.


It was a meal fit for a king! Delish as always! I am always jealous of my family with this amazing Thai place so close by – I need to find a favorite Thai restaurant by me in Philly! Any Philly readers have any thoughts on this?

I also got my favorite dessert ever packed up to go – Sticky Rice with Mango – I love that stuff!  

Do you like Thai food? What is your favorite dish?

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