And Her Little PA Bridal Shower Too

This weekend I put on my new party shoes and attended my bridal shower in Philadelphia with friends and family from this area!


It was so amazing to be able to go to a second shower thrown for me by Charles’ family – I feel so blessed to have been given 2 bridal showers!


As soon as we got there it was time to meet, greet and eat!

DSC_4073DSC_4074 DSC_4076

Lots of fabulous wraps, salad and plenty of dessert for later!

 DSC_4077 DSC_4078

And what is a bridal shower without champagne punch?! After these past two weeks, this stuff might be my new favorite adult beverage!



After we ate and hung out a bit, it was time to open presents – but not before a few photo-ops!

Me and my mom.


My mom and Charles’ mom, both decked out in purple!


I had another mountain of presents to open at this shower. Did I mention I have the most amazing group of family and friends ever?! Because I totally do.


Kate was in charge of pictures, Michele worked on my Bow Bouquet and Aileen kept tabs on what was from who!

Best Bridesmaids Ever!


I got some amazing gifts, there were even a few things for Charles and Jackson too in the mix!



Another fun part of the party was getting to meet many of Charles’ family’s friends from the area who I had never met before.


There were lots of new faces I got to meet


But in attendance also were some of my oldest and dearest friends from various times of my life.


Did I mention there was a mountain of presents?

 DSC_4096 DSC_4097DSC_4098 DSC_4099DSC_4100

After all the presents were opened it was time for dessert!


The sweet treats were from SophistiCakes (great name!) & they were amazing!


I enjoyed a fabulous red velvet cupcake (my fav!)


Along with some Petit fours which were delish! 


After enjoying some sweet treats it was time for some more pictures!


I had to get one with the amazing bow bouquet Michele created.


And one with my red party shoes too!


Group Shot #1


Group Shot #2


And here are a bunch of pictures of me with friends:

Aileen and I


with Kate and Jill


My Matron of Honor, Michele


Hi Lauren!


I would also like to say Thank You to the three lovely ladies who threw the shower for me – Patricia, Charles’ mom – Margaret Mary and Kathleen. Patricia and Kathleen are Charles’ aunts!


Towards the end of the party, Charles made an appearance. We took a few silly pictures together for fun.

I think this is a good look for us, right?


Ok, this is much better. He was happy to stop by and say hello to his family and family friends that had come to the shower. I think it’s always fun when the groom makes an appearance!


Before I knew it, it was time to say goodbye to everyone that had come to my shower. Some friends and loved ones had drive 2-3 hours just to come and be with me for the day. I have the most amazing people in my life!

Thank you to everyone who came to my showers and made them so amazing!


And now this bride-to-be is officially partied out! Good thing I have some time to relax and kick up my party heels for a bit before what’s to come…

Next on the bridal agenda…The Bachelorette Party!


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