Goodnight Philly, Good Morning VA

I picked up Aileen last night around 9:15 from downtown Philly.

DSC_3523 DSC_3524

It poured our entire drive down to Virginia and we didn’t get there until midnight but it was nice to get the drive out of the way yesterday!


And it was very nice to wake up this morning at home.

 DSC_3527  DSC_3530

It turned out to be a chilly morning but after a quick breakfast and a hug for Jackson, we were out the door to get our sweat on!


Aileen is marathon training to run PARIS in a few weeks so she had a long run on her schedule. I tagged along on my bike and entertained her.


After getting her long run on, Aileen wanted to get in some sprints. I told her she was nuts, but she wanted to get some speed going in her legs.  I timed her with my phone while she ran her little heart out.

DSC_3540 DSC_3542

Great form Aileen! You rock!

 DSC_3548DSC_3535DSC_3539    DSC_3546 DSC_3547

While she was sprinting up and down the drive way, I got to play the part of her running coach – This is me saying “Get your ass in gear and RUNNN!!”

I think I found my calling in life! 🙂


Now we are off to shower, change and embrace a full day of shopping before meeting up with friends for Happy Hour later tonight!

Life is good.


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