Happy π Day!

Ok, sure – National π (pi) Day was yesterday (3.14) but Kate was kind enough to give me a treat to celebrate the day so I wanted to share that with you.


Kate is a math teacher and as long as I have known her she has always celebrated National Pi Day. I think it’s really cute!

Thanks Kate!


Besides a cute little cake, here is another thing I got on 3.14


Yes my friends, I made the switch from the Droid X to the iPhone 4. I was having issues with the droid battery, responsiveness and getting it to hook up with my work email. It was causing me more drama that it was worth so I made the jump yesterday and I am pretty excited about it.


On the agenda today is picking up a pretty new case and downloading fun apps to finalize my phone set up – Any suggestions for me?


I am off to play with my new iPhone work!


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