Green is Good

Operation Hot Bride is in full force since I am in the home stretch for the Big Day! Starting my day off with oodles of veggies really helps me make healthier decisions throughout the day!


I heart my new juicer, especially when I open it and it juiced an entire lemon and all that is left is this little perfect, juice-less slice!  Swoon!


Pretty cool, right?


I have been starting my day with my standard eggs and freshly juiced juice most mornings (when time allows) and I have really noticed how much longer I feel fuller for! I love it!


Operation Hot Bride loves any and all green juice!


What is not to love about this beautiful creation! I really believe its the absolute best way to start your day!


In Other News: The winner of the Shabby Apple Giveaway is Melissa at Running with Needles and the winner of the Larabar Giveaway is Shannon at Philadelphia Phitness Pharmacy – Congrats Ladies!

Email me your information and your prizes will be sent your way!


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