Philly Bloggers @ Zavino

Tonight was a great night because I met some of my favorite Philly Blogger friends for dinner! I love girls nights!

We hit up Zavino’s Wine Bar and Pizzeria, which is somewhere I had never been to before but heard great things about – It did not disappoint!


Going out to eat with other bloggers is always so much fun because of all the photography fun and many food pictures!


I started out with a glass of the Tempranillo red wine, which was necessary, and some of Sabrina’s Orange Honey soda, which was awesome.


For dinner I ordered a spinach pizza. It had goat cheese and lots of other fabulousness going on – it was very delicious! In true Operation Hot Bride fashion I only ate half the pizza and saved the other half for later – but I enjoyed some of Sabrina’s crusts as well!


There were so many tasty pizza on the table tonight! I am hungry again just looking at the pictures!


This might be my new favorite pizza place – there were so many great choices on the menu, I can’t wait to come back and try some more!


Another fabulous evening with friends!

Philly Bloggers in attendance: Lisa, Chrissy, Sabrina , Yours Truly, Allison, Lauren, Melissa & Kelly


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