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May 10, 2011

Beach Yoga

Ok, I know I promised a full bachelorette recap from the weekend, but there is just too much fun that happened to fit it all in one post! Plus the fact that our wedding is NEXT SATURDAY, my to do list is miles and miles long, so I am going to do the best I can with posting and sharing all the pre-wedding planning with you!

Back to the Bachelorette Weekend: The first surprise of the weekend was Beach Yoga!


My Bridesmaids surprised me with a lovely and relaxing private yoga session at 30th Street Beach down in Avalon, NJ.


It was so fun to do yoga at the beach – and so hard at the same time! The wind and the crashing of the waves made it slightly difficult to balance – and the sand made it hard too! I loved the challenge and the change of scenery!


We all had a fantastic time doing yoga on the beach – we did the standing/balance series by the water and the waves were very calming!


Did I mention I love my friends?!


And I love Jump Shots!


Horray for Beach Yoga!


The best parts about beach yoga is that it was the perfect way to kick the weekend off to an amazing (and healthy!) start!


And did I mention it totally worked my butt in new ways? I was so sore on Sunday from all the balancing on the sand! It was harder than it looked!


Have you ever done Beach Yoga?

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