And Her BIG Bachelorette Party Too

There really are no words to describe my Bachelorette Party. And if you weren’t there to experience its awesomeness with me, you missed out. This post will chronicle the PG version of my amazing weekend so Enjoy!


As I mentioned in an earlier post, the weekend festivities started off with Beach Yoga – but then it was time for the Bachelorette fun to begin!


We started the evening with a cocktail party of sorts. There were games, there were ladies all dressed up in sparkles and there was champagne.


And champagne pong!


What can I say? We like to party!

  may7 094

Aside from lots of fun drinks to choose from and games to play, everyone brought awesome food to munch on as well. It was nice to start the evening off with light appetizers instead of a heavy dinner!

may7 095

I was very excited to get this party started! At this point I had no idea what the plan was, I was told to be ready for our cocktail party at 5 and to be ready to go out around 7!


And at 7:00 a little surprise drove up the driveway! The girls had booked a Limousine Shuttle for our group for the evening! I was so excited and thrilled when this drove up – I knew I was in for an amazing evening!


Did I mention the shuttle was amazing?! It was spacious, super clean, had two flat screens, a sweet sound system, lots of drinks, ice and even a bathroom on board! Love that!

IMG_0718 IMG_0719

We had TOO MUCH FUN on the limo!

may7 099IMG_0720


Including taking shots with no hands..

(which is hard to do while the limo was moving!)

may7 100

As well as enjoying the Jell-O shots that Kate had prepared for us!

 may7 102

It was right around this time where I learned where we were going –

Atlantic City!


When I first saw the sign I was so excited for the night ahead!

What Happens in Atlantic City (and on the Limo), Stays in Atlantic City!


Our first stop of the evening was The Chelsea


We started off the evening at this classy joint and enjoyed cocktails and an amazing view of the sunset.


Are all our sparkles blinding you?!


There were lots of fancy shmancy cocktails to choose from – everything was so good! I went with the Chelsea which was Grey Goose, mint, cucumber and prosecco – it was amazing!


What could be better than enjoying cocktails and watching the waves?



Love these ladies!

  may7 106

As the sun set over the water our time at the Chelsea came to an end and we set out for some more Bachelorette fun in Atlantic City!

 may7 108

IMG_0739may7 105 

We were ready for some more fun – in and out of the limo!

may7 109

Did I mention that Michelle made a mix CD of my favorite Britney Spears songs? We all got our DANCE ON during the limo ride!


Bow Chicka Wow Wow!

may7 120may7 138

may7 125 may7 134 IMG_0745

I also kind of want to wear my crown with the veil every day of my life. Will it be weird to wear it after the wedding festivities?


No comment.

IMG_0772 IMG_0773

The night ended at Murmur in the Borgata and it was amazing. There was a fun checklist that my friends made for me with funny things I had to do.  The night got a little crazy, but it was all in the name of bachelorette fun!


Best. Weekend. Ever!


Thank you to my amazing friends who came out for all the fun and planed this amazing evening and weekend for me. I had the best time ever and can’t wait to be with all these ladies again next weekend!

 may7 113

Was your Bachelorette weekend as awesome as mine?

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