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It’s amazing to think that just about 3 years ago my life changed and my now husband PhillyBoy asked me to marry him. The next morning I, of course, logged onto my blog, RhodeyGirl Tests, and shared the proposal story. I love my excitement in the post, the random details, and of course the fact that I picked our wedding date and location by the morning after the proposal. I am a true Virgo! As Leslie and her new hubbie celebrate their new marriage, I relive some of my old memories. Congratulations to the new bride! Miss you girl- come home soon!


Reprinted from May 2008

PB was picking me up to go to dinner with his dad, my dad, the bishop, and a few other friends. He was running late (30 minutes!!!) so I told him I would meet him at the restaurant but he insisted he needed to freshen up a bit first! I offered to meet him outside but he INSISTED on coming in. So he rushed past me with his suit jacket all crumpled up in his hands (obv hiding something, but I didn’ t know what!). He went upstairs and I followed him up there. He closed the bedroom door and then came out a second later and went into the bathroom and asked me to get his cell phone for him from under the pillow in the bedroom.

So I did, but I knew something weird was going on because why would his cell be under the pillow all of a sudden? So I lift up the pillow and see a ring box, opened, with the ring showing.. I freaked out and slammed the pillow back down on top of the box and his cell haha! He crept (is that a word?) into the room and asked me if I found “ it” ? I said ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod (x about a zillion) and he ran over with the ring, got down on his knee and said “ Sabrina, Will you marry me?”

Of course I said yes and started crying (which, by the way, I told myself I was NEVER going to be one of those girls that cried!!!) and we hugged and said some nice things to each other (sorry, personal just for us!) and finally I got to look at the ring.. It was kind of hard to see it through my tears though! I was so so happy! oh, and it is so pretty!

So then we headed off to the restaurant and had a LOVELY dinner!

He was going to wait and ask me at the end of the half marathon but he was way too excited! I am happy he didn’ t wait because now we get the whole weekend to celebrate and have fun! And I love how it was so simple, and so… us! It was so perfect…

Side note: He asked my dad a couple of weeks ago when he had lunch with him and one of the artists… and my dad said something like… If it was not ok then he would NEVER have allowed her to go to Philadelphia (to visit)! And that he loves PB!

So now we are engaged and I am already working on the guest list and meeting with the Westin coordinator tomorrow so that we can get things rolling! I think either July 11th or 25th of next year (2009). I’ll let you
all know for sure next week. I wanted 7/18/2009 which would  have been our exact 2 year anniversary but unfortunately the Westin is already booked that day and I really want to have the reception there as it fits all of the criteria 1. in Providence 2. a hotel since lots of people are coming from Philly 3. has the capacity for our guest list and 4. is pretty!!!!

Oh and in case you were going to ask… I AM GOING TO MOVE TO PHILADELPHIA! You are all going to have to come and visit! I am not going to move until we get married but I am so excited!!!

I can’ t wait to be married and I can’ t believe I can now say “ ohhh, yes, my fianceeeeee” and soon enough HUSBAND! I found the right man, and I am so excited we are starting our life together!

(And just for fun, here are some photos from our July 25, 2009 wedding!)

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