Rules of Honeymooning

Hello And Her Little Dog Too readers! Congrats to Leslie – I hope you are enjoying every single minute of your new life 😉

When Leslie asked for guest bloggers to share their honeymoon stories, I jumped at the chance. The Mister and I will celebrate our 5-year anniversary (read our love story here) this year and after welcoming a little one into the world this year, I thought it’d be fun to re-live the early days.

Best friend Husband

With a little experience under my belt, I thought I’d share my rules of honeymooning.

  • Enjoy the views. Sure, taking pictures is important, but make sure you stop to take it all in. STOP. Look around you and talk about the places you visit with your partner. See the beauty wherever it is you are and soak it all in.
  • Unplug – The Internet and texting will still exist when your honeymoon is over.
  • Say no to alarms. ‘Nuff said.

Say no to alrams

  • Never pass up an empty hammock. It’s just not right.


  • Don’t forget bug spray. Seriously.

don't forget bug spray

  • Go make-up free. You are beautiful; let your husband see the woman he fell in love with.

make up free

  • Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet

get your feet wet

  • Indulge. Now is not the time for calorie counting. That piece of chocolate cake? Eat it. You will regret not having it. Trust me.
  • Don’t worry about seeing EVERYTHING. You aren’t going to – no matter how much time you have. Instead, be fully present wherever it is you end up going. You’ll enjoy yourself much more focusing on the present. Don’t miss out on memories because you’re too busy thinking about what to do next.
  • Do it all with your best friend, the love of your life, your partner in crime – your HUSBAND.

Shannon is a first-time mom and the blogger behind The Daily Balance, updated daily with advice, tips and personal stories to help others find balance in their lives. From food to fashion, motherhood, fitness, inspiration and recipes, The Daily Balance is the perfect tool for those who “want it all,” but could handle getting pooped on every now and then!

Do you have any Rules for Honeymooning to add to the list?

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