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June 15, 2011

Up To Date

It has been a busy, crazy week – and I have had lots of drama with technology! I believe I have it under control now – but I wanted to share with everyone what has been going on.

Since I updated my blog on Monday, it has come to my attention that my posts from the past week were not all going through to all my old feeds. I believe the issue is now fixed, so I wanted to give a little post sharing with you my week!

If you would like to update your feed to receive And Her Little Dog Too posts (and honestly, why wouldn’t you?) 🙂

Use this link:



Anywho, back to my week: This past Sunday I celebrated my 27th birthday and treated myself to a birthday pedicure with my new favorite polish – Wife Goes on.


I finally made the jump from having And Her Little Dog Too on Blogger and switched over to self hosted – (the cause for much of my excitement and drama this week!)

The most exciting posts of the week (to me) have been when I started recapping my incredible honeymoon. We started off  with Day 1 in Istanbul, Turkey, where Charles and I had a day to explore the city.

honeymoon 437

I have been breaking the trip down by city and landmarks – so far I have shared our visit to the Blue Mosque.

honeymoon 164 

Get excited about lots more upcoming posts about our amazing travels in Greece & Turkey! I will be sharing our honeymoon travels with you daily.


And finally –  check out my Eversave & Wine.com Giveaway! Win free Wine! What’s not to love about that?!



Oops! I almost forgot – I also made a pretty kick-ass Kale & Quinoa salad. Seriously, go make this! Yum!


So, enough about me – How has your week been? Any big plans for the weekend? I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather stays gorgeous so Charles, Jackson and I can hit up the beach!

Eversave Wine.com Giveaway


***If you use Google Reader to access And Her Little Dog Too please update your  feed.  Since my blog update earlier this week there has been some interuption in posting!***


I love group coupon sites!  I am always looking for the latest and greatest bargain online – who isn’t? Today I came across an awesome  Eversave deal for Wine.com – pay $35 for $70 worth of wine. Pretty sweet!

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, I always love informing my readers of awesome finds online, but I also have a free deal from Eversave.com for one lucky reader!


Want to win some wine? Leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite type of wine is.

To get another entry, tweet: “I want to win free #wine from @herlittledogtoo and @EversavePHL! – http://bit.ly/kk2Wr8”


I will announce the winner tomorrow – anyone can enter, you don’t have to be a Philly resident to win! This would also make an awesome Father’s Day gift too! Good luck!

Healthy Kale & Quinoa

The other day I tested out a new lunch spot in Haddonfield, NJ – Apron. I enjoyed their healthy kale & quinoa seasonal specialty salad and was inspired to recreate it at home!


I decided to make a single serving for myself just to see how everything worked out. I started out with some gloriously fresh kale. I only used about one leaf – washed it and then cut it up into tiny bites


Next up I prepared the quinoa


I love this stuff – but cooking it always intimidates me a bit!


Luckily, this time I had success! I used less than 1/2 the water to quinoa ratio for about 10-12 minutes and it came out perfectly. I just had to keep and eye on it and stir it a lot!


While the quinoa cooked I toasted some almonds.


As everything was prepared I combined everything into a bowl and drizzled a bit of Garlic Gold vinaigrette on top.  Love this stuff!


Along with a few spoonfuls of feta and a handful of craisins – this salad is now ready to go!


Seriously, isn’t she a beauty?


It’s just amazing how something so simple could turn into something so tasty!


I had a few glorious bites of this salad and then put it back in the refrigerator to chill. It was even better, which I didn’t think was possible!

DSC_4330 DSC_4331

This salad is one of the best things I have made in a while!


I already know it’s going to be a summer favorite in my world!

Do  you have a favorite summer salad?


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