An Acropolis View

A very picture heavy post ahead! Enjoy!


After our first day walking around Athens, getting the lay of the land, we embarked on a full day tour of the city!

We started out at the Panathinaiko Stadium.

honeymoon 1519

This stadium is an athletic stadium in Athens that hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. Reconstructed from the remains of the ancient Greek stadium, the Panathinaiko is the only major stadium in the world built entirely of white marble.

honeymoon 1520


In the 2004 Olympic Games, the Panathinaiko Stadium hosted the archery competition, and the finish of the Marathon. Pretty cool, right?

honeymoon 1522


honeymoon 1524


honeymoon 1531


honeymoon 1533

It would be pretty cool to finish a MARATHON in this stadium, right?

honeymoon 1534


Next up we headed towards the “main event” – the Acropolis!

honeymoon 1536


All I could think when I would see the “city on the hill” was – Get me up there! I don’t really get excited about rocks or ruins in general, but this was pretty amazing.

honeymoon 1540


honeymoon 1542

Before we could set foot in the beautiful space high up on the hill, we listened to some history about the area from below.

honeymoon 1543


And took lots of pictures – of course!

honeymoon 1544

honeymoon 1548

honeymoon 1545

In real life, it literally takes your breath away.

honeymoon 1557


honeymoon 1560

After circling below the hill, we were ready to head up top!


honeymoon 1562

honeymoon 1565


honeymoon 1567


honeymoon 1569


On our way up the hill, we passed by the Theatre of Dionysus, located on the southwest slope of the Acropolis. It’s a major open aired theatre that is still in use today!


honeymoon 1571

honeymoon 1572

When you are making your way up the hill, pretty much every view is awesome!


honeymoon 1573

honeymoon 1574


The Acropolis was packed during our time there, but we made the best of it!


honeymoon 1576

honeymoon 1577


This theatre was amazing, but it was nothing compared to the Acropolis up on the top of the hill!

honeymoon 1580

honeymoon 1581

Wouldn’t it be amazing to check out a concert here?


honeymoon 1582


honeymoon 1584

honeymoon 1585

honeymoon 1586


honeymoon 1588


honeymoon 1592


honeymoon 1595


Ok- I am sure other honeymooners would agree – I think I needed to hire a photographer to follow us around and take pictures of us! Finding someone to snap out picture who was confident in using my camera was hard!

honeymoon 1600


honeymoon 1602

There was great visibility of Athens from the Acropolis! It was a clear and perfect day!


honeymoon 1599


honeymoon 1604

honeymoon 1605

Seriously, can you imagine that someone literally carried these rocks, one by one, up the hill?


honeymoon 1607


honeymoon 1610

The Acropolis is constantly under renovation, so I wasn’t surprised to see the scaffolding all over the place.

honeymoon 1611


honeymoon 1613


honeymoon 1615

Did I mention that the Acropolis is a flat-topped rock that rises 150 m (490 ft) above sea level in the city of Athens – surprisingly it was VERY high!

honeymoon 1619

honeymoon 1620

honeymoon 1621


honeymoon 1624


honeymoon 1628

honeymoon 1633

It’s really hard to explain the awe-inspiring view from the top.

honeymoon 1634


honeymoon 1636

honeymoon 1637

honeymoon 1638

honeymoon 1639

honeymoon 1640


honeymoon 1642

Everything at the top of the Acropolis is so massive!

honeymoon 1643

honeymoon 1644

honeymoon 1645

honeymoon 1646

honeymoon 1647


honeymoon 1654


They are still doing tons of work on the Acropolis and Parthenon from the top – there are ruins everywhere!

honeymoon 1657

honeymoon 1658


My favorite part of the Acropolis was the Parthenon – it was un-freakin’-believable!

honeymoon 1660

The Parthenon is dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena, who is looked upon as the patron of Athens.


honeymoon 1661

honeymoon 1662


honeymoon 1670

honeymoon 1671

honeymoon 1672


Charles and his rocks. It’s love.


honeymoon 1666


honeymoon 1673

I have less love for the rocks, but lots of respect. They have been hanging out here a long time!

honeymoon 1678


honeymoon 1681

honeymoon 1682


Looking at the columns were magnificent for me!

honeymoon 1684

honeymoon 1685


honeymoon 1688

honeymoon 1689

honeymoon 1690


honeymoon 1692

honeymoon 1694


Seriously, isn’t it beautiful?

honeymoon 1696

From the top, we checked out the view below –


honeymoon 1697


It’s a long way down!


honeymoon 1700


honeymoon 1702

honeymoon 1703

honeymoon 1704


honeymoon 1707


honeymoon 1709

honeymoon 1710


honeymoon 1712


Obviously we had to do some jumping shots at the top!

honeymoon 1850


honeymoon 1727

It was amazing seeing the city of Athens below us.

honeymoon 1728

Photo op!

honeymoon 1729


honeymoon 1734

honeymoon 1735


A more romantical photo op!

honeymoon 1741

Seriously – if you haven’t seen this yet, put it on your travel-go see list! It’s amazing!

honeymoon 1742

And if you have seen this already – did you love it as much as I did? Did it take your breath away?

honeymoon 1743

honeymoon 1744


honeymoon 1751

honeymoon 1752


honeymoon 1758

honeymoon 1768


honeymoon 1770


honeymoon 1772

honeymoon 1773

honeymoon 1774

honeymoon 1775


Across from the Parthenon on top of the Acropolis is the Erechtheum – which is another ancient temple.

honeymoon 1777

honeymoon 1778


Side note: If you are confused like I was, here is a little breakdown: The Parthenon is the most iconic  and prominent landmark on top of the Acropolis – which is the name for the entire space on the top of the hill.

honeymoon 1780

And the Erechtheum is home to the famous “Porch of the Maidens”, which is six draped female figures (caryatids) as supporting columns, each sculpted in a manner different from the rest and engineered in such a way that their slenderest part, the neck, is capable of supporting the weight of the porch roof while remaining graceful and feminine.


honeymoon 1782

Pretty cool, right?

honeymoon 1814


honeymoon 1816


honeymoon 1783

I thought it was also cool that all the rocks, that aren’t currently placed within the ruins the are numbered.


honeymoon 1784

These rocks are probably from when the Acropolis was used as target practice (either that or when there was a gun powder explosion on the top!)

honeymoon 1785

honeymoon 1786

honeymoon 1787


honeymoon 1789

honeymoon 1790

honeymoon 1791

honeymoon 1792

I really just got lost in all the detail.


honeymoon 1793

honeymoon 1794


honeymoon 1797


honeymoon 1800

honeymoon 1801

honeymoon 1802


Before I knew it, our time on top had come to an end. I really enjoyed hanging out up there, among all the rocks, it was very peaceful.

honeymoon 1804

honeymoon 1805

honeymoon 1806

honeymoon 1807


honeymoon 1811


honeymoon 1818


honeymoon 1829


honeymoon 1832

honeymoon 1834


Honestly, I could have stayed up there all day.


honeymoon 1836


honeymoon 1839

honeymoon 1840

honeymoon 1844

But as our time on top came to an end, I still managed to embrace the feeling I had on ‘top of the world’ throughout the rest of our time in Athens! I always caught myself searching for a glimpse of the Acropolis.

honeymoon 1847

honeymoon 1848

Seriously, it was built pretty high up there!


honeymoon 1849

Next up on our tour was a trip to the Acropolis Museum – which is home to many of the amazing artifacts found up on top of the hill.


honeymoon 1851

No cameras were allowed inside the museum, but I can share with you the amazing job that was done outside the museum – it was built on top of ruins! Pretty cool, right?

honeymoon 1852

The museum did an awesome job of showcasing this aspect.


honeymoon 1853

All the floors were see through and there was work being done down below so you got to see what was going on. It was pretty amazing to see first hand!

honeymoon 1854


honeymoon 1857

And that, my friends, was one of my favorite days on the honeymoon. Ok, I pretty much loved all the days – but seeing the Acropolis and the Parthenon up close and in person was an amazing experience! 

What was your favorite part of the Acropolis that I shared with you today?

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  • Reply A.Leo June 28, 2011 at 8:56 am

    Love your jumping pic! I visited Athens in 2007 and I was in complete awe the entire time. The views, the history, the ruins…I loved it!

  • Reply Jessica June 28, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    It looks like it was much cooler than our hike up there! We were dying in the mid morning sun at the top of the Acropolis – but I agree it’s totally worth seeing. And they did an awesome job with the museum – so much to look at in there.

  • Reply Amber from Girl with the Red Hair June 28, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    Haha I agree with the commenter above me, it was SO HOT out the day we went to the acropolis that I was dripping sweat. It was an amazing, amazing site to see though. In hindsight I wish I’d taken more photos, yours are great!

  • Reply Michelle @ Crazy*Running*Legs June 28, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    SO cool! I love your shots of Athens from the top. It’s crazy that it’s so big and busy.

  • Reply Kelley June 28, 2011 at 6:06 pm

    Amazing photos! It’s hard to comprehend just HOW old it is. The views from the top were incredible too. Such a romantic place to honeymoon!

  • Reply Megan @ Life As Megan Knows It June 29, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    Love Love LOve your pictures!!

    The views are soo amazing and you make me want to go away soo bad!!!

  • Reply Patty McDermott July 3, 2011 at 7:17 am

    Loved all the detail that you captured from the ruins and just was amazed by the views you must have seen!

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