An Icelandic Honeymoon

Hello! My name is Kelley and I blog over at A BIG congrats to Leslie who is now on her way to an amazing honeymoon in GREECE! That sounds amazing and so romantic. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

I got married in July of 2009 to a man I met during my first week in college.  We dated for almost eight years before finally tying the knot. It was a great celebration of true love and the day couldn’t have been more perfect. 

IMG_0194 1 

We knew we both wanted to see the world someday, we’d go for long walks and dream about all the places we wanted to travel to. For some reason, Iceland kept coming up top of the list, and we couldn’t ignore it. It just seemed so exotic, adventurous and beautiful. Plus, it wasn’t a very common honeymoon destination, which intrigued us even more. Our wedding was in New Hampshire, so the flight to Reykjavik was really short from the East Coast (only four hours!)

Our signature cocktail at our wedding was called “The Blue Lagoon” and it definitely got us excited to travel there!

IMG_0238 1

As soon as our flight landed, we headed straight for the Blue Lagoon. It was the first thing we wanted to see and as predicted, it was incredible.

Iceland - 2009 (32)

Iceland is right in the middle of two tectonic plates. It’s where the Eurasian plate meets the North American plate. Through shifting and volcanic activity, Iceland was formed. Because of all the pressure in the earth there, they have a lot of geothermal hot springs which naturally heats these lakes to over 100 degrees!

Iceland - 2009 (172)

Not only that, but the Blue Lagoon also has a thick layer of naturally formed silica at the bottom of the lake. You can scoop it up and put it on your face. It’s supposed to be really good for your skin. And when you walk through the lake, you can squish your toes in it, so incredible.

Iceland - 2009 (160)

We also got aqua massages (which were ridiculously cheap). You lay on a floating pool mat in a roped off section of the lagoon. As you lay in the warm water, they give you the most amazing anti-gravity massage. And they have a swim up bar where we ordered…. A Blue Lagoon drink!

Iceland - 2009 (224)

The first two nights, we stayed in The Clinic instead of a hotel. It may sound weird, but it was the best decision we could have made. It’s the only hotel on the Blue Lagoon property. You get exclusive access to a separate private lagoon (which we had all to ourselves when we were there), and we got VIP access to the larger lagoon. Our room was awesome and everyone was so friendly.

For the rest of the trip, we stayed in Reykavick, which is about 40 mnutes from the Blue Lagoon. We were supposed to stay in the Hilton Nordica, but when we arrived, we were told the rooms were overbooked. They sent us across the street to the only other big hotel in the town. The room was really great anyways, and they gave us a complimentary five course dinner to make up for it!

Iceland - 2009 (517)

The town is so charming. It’s very European, but has a sort of innocence to it. I just wanted to put the whole thing in my pocket and take it home. One of the best parts of Iceland in the summer is the 23 hours of daylight! The sun never really sets! It was a little surreal.

Iceland - 2009 (253)

It was really cold when we were there, but we embraced it and explored the town by foot. It used to be a viking village!

Iceland - 2009 (532)

We climbed to the top of the Hallgrimskirkja church (the tallest church in Iceland) to get a great view of the whole town.

Iceland - 2009 (280)

From up there, we could see everything! It’s adorable!

Iceland - 2009 (284)

When we walked around, I wore the silk flowers I wore on our wedding day! It was fun to bask in the newlywed bliss!

Iceland - 2009 (338)

One day, we did a bus tour of some of the sights outside of the city. We stopped at a few places including Gulfoss Falls.

Iceland - 2009 (373) Iceland - 2009 (380)

Iceland is also home to the original “Geysir”! It’s where other geysir’s get their name from! Here it is bubbling up….

Iceland - 2009 (454)

There she goes!

Iceland - 2009 (450)Iceland - 2009 (490)

On our last night, we cashed in our our free 5-course dinner from Hilton. It was fantastic! 

Iceland - 2009 (500)Iceland - 2009 (501)

We saw so many other cool and unique things. Iceland is full of historical secrets and beautiful nature and wildlife. The relaxing vibe, gorgeous scenery, amazing food and inexpensive massages (we got three in the five days we were there!) make it the PERFECT honeymoon destination. 

Iceland - 2009 (579)Iceland - 2009 (581)

Plus, it’s fun to dress up like a viking!

Iceland - 2009 (598)Iceland - 2009 (599)

It was only five days long, but we felt like we traveled a world away.

Iceland - 2009 (43)

For more pictures, check out my full recap here!

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