Taste of the Nation 2011

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the Taste of the Nation event with my good friend, Sabrina!


I went to this amazing event last year and had a BLAST eating my way through the evening. Tonight was just as much fun!


Here are some pictures of some of my favorite eats and drinks of the night:

DSC_4375 DSC_4380 DSC_4381 

I loved this little platter/drink holder that was given out from Groupon – it was perfect for the evening!

DSC_4384 DSC_4385 

I tried my first duck tonight! It was smoky and delish!

DSC_4387 DSC_4388

The Restaurant Guild had a group that was cutting up ice different ways for different drinks. I tried a massive block of ice with a splash of scotch – I am not a scotch drinker, but it was very good with the ice block!

DSC_4389 DSC_4393  DSC_4396 

Sabrina and I took lots of pictures, ate tons of yummy food  and laughed all night long– it was a fabulous girls night out!

DSC_4399  DSC_4401 DSC_4402  DSC_4404 DSC_4405  DSC_4410

My favorite cupcakes were from A Cupcake Wonderland – they will be on Cupcake Wars tomorrow night!

DSC_4411  DSC_4413

Popcorn covered with bacon fat and spices. Sounds kind of gnarly but it was smoky and pretty tasty.


My new favorite cocktail – Sandia Picante – plymouth gin, watermelon juice, roasted jalapeño, mint simple syrup and fresh lime. It was pretty amazing!

  DSC_4418  DSC_4420

I am going to need to search for this in the liquor store – it was very tasty! I had never heard of Plymouth Gin before, so this was a nice little find.

  DSC_4423  DSC_4426

One of my favorite things of the evening was that there was a photo booth! I love these things!


Here are our photo booth pictures – Obviously Sabrina and I rocked it.


The last picture makes me laugh.


We ended the night with more tasty treats.

DSC_4431   DSC_4435 

Another fabulous evening out on the town with my good friend, Sabrina!


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4 Responses to Taste of the Nation 2011

  1. YAY! So fun to hang out together!

  2. That looked like so much fun! You girls look great!

  3. That event looked awesome! I’m sad that I missed it! 🙁 I need to go to Philly foodie events like this. Looks fun! 🙂

  4. Patty O

    Looks pretty amazing if I may say so myself! What a great cause to support too! Love the photo booth pics.

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