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Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour 2011 – Philadelphia

Before I get into the Britney Spears concert fun – I wanted to share a few pictures from Jackson getting a bath yesterday.



Michelle said she would help me give Jackson a bath so we did that before getting ready for the concert.



He was such a good boy getting his bath – he looks like a completely different pup when he is wet.


After bathing Jackson, Michelle and I got ready for our night out with Britney – we got ready and then headed out for some eats and drinks before the concert. I decided to take Michele to PYT and show her around the Northern Liberties area of Philadelphia.


PYT is known for their burgers and their adult shakes. I have had their burgers before so I decided to try out a shake – I was craving peanut butter so I went with the Butterfinger: Vanilla ice cream, van gogh’s dutch caramel vodka, peanut butter and crushed butterfingers. It was magical.



We then got a little bit of food to snack on before the show. We tried out the sliders, which were amazing – they came with Salt & Pepper pop chips! Yum!


We also got the bacon cheeseburger perogies – not the healthiest choice but they were tasty.


After hanging out at PYT we headed over to the concert! For this concert Michelle and I got Floor seats – it was no front row experience, but it was the best we could score when tickets went on sale!


Just hanging out with the Britney poster before the show – How could we have scored meet & greet tickets? That would have been amazing.


The concert started out with the musical stylings of Nervo – twin sisters from Australia. They were pretty cool. Then Jessie & the Toy Boys hit the stage. I had no idea what to expect from this performance but they were pretty entertaining. I enjoyed the beat and am going to check out some of her songs on iTunes – I think a few of them (specifically We Own The Night) would be fun running songs!


In between performances we took some pictures in our matching new Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour 2011 shirts.


I love going to concerts of artists I love and purchasing a tshirt to remember the fun!


Next up to perform was Nicki Minaj – Before this performance I was only familiar with her song Super Bass (which I love!) but she sings so many other songs that I enjoy that I had no idea it was her singing.


Nicki put on an amazing show – there was a story to tell – a battle between herself (or Roman, her alter ego) and Nemesis. I think she did a great job with the storyline and the order of the songs she performed, the costumes, props and dances. It was all beautifully done and I enjoyed it a lot!


After Nicki performed, there was 45 minutes to wait around before Britney went on!


Before we knew it, it was time for Britney to take the stage!



As usual, Britney was awesome.   


The concert itself was a great mix of her new songs as well as some older (but still awesome) songs


The floor seats were so fun – it was a crazy party down there!



I must admit that I liked the theme and overall story of the Circus tour better – who doesn’t love a Circus? – but last night you could totally tell Britney was having a blast and really enjoying herself. She was dancing up a storm, giving us lots of smiles and other “Britney-isms” and I could have sworn she even actually sang a few songs! I loved sitting front row for the Circus tour, but to me it seemed that she was way more into performing this tour.



Britney looks amazing – she rocked it out last night!  






And then, in the blink of an eye, the concert had come to an end.


I actually wish she had performed another song or two, but what can you do?



It was a fabulous evening of great performances!



It was a long day – we didn’t get home until almost midnight!

Another evening with Britney has come to an end – I sure hope its not the last, you can bet Michelle and I will be at her next concert, all smiles and singing along!


Pink Makes the Boys Wink

I apologize for missing my Friday Favorites yesterday! I had something all planned out and ready to go but it just didn’t make it on the blog. I blame my lack of posting on all the fun I have been having with my good buddy Michelle who came up to spend the weekend with me.


Michelle came up on Thursday night and we have been having a blast! We have been enjoying fruit smoothies


Painting our fingers pink – with a touch of Shatter


Not easy to see in this picture, but it’s pretty cool how you paint your nails completely covered in silver and then it shatters all over.


We have also been doing some shopping, having lots of laughs


And cooling down with some Frosty’s – It’s been just like the good ‘ol days we used to spend together back in high school!


Michelle and I used to have fun weekends like this all the time back in high school or summer breaks from college. I miss that we don’t get to hang out as much as we did when we both lived in Virginia, but we manage to jam pack our time together every few months into one very fun weekend!


But this weekend has been centered around one BIG Finale – Britney Spears!


Yes we have scored floor seats to the Femme Fatale Tour tonight in Philly – we both can’t wait!

Michelle and I are big Britney Spears lovers – we shared The Best Night of my Life together 2 years ago when we scored FRONT ROW SEATS to Britney Spears down in Washington DC – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


I also got to see the Circus Tour in Philly again with my two favorite roomies – We made our very own tanks for the occasion –
Mine said “It’s Britney Bitch” – Kate’s said “I’m a slave for you” and jIll’s said ” I’m not that Innocent” – SO FUN!

Britney Spears in Philly – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

itsbritneybitch 007    

Oh yeah – Brit Brit also follows me on twitter too…no big deal!

So Michelle and I are going to enjoy the rest of our Saturday in Philly together today and get ready for the big concert tonight! I will be sure to take lots of pictures!


Are you a Britney Spears lover? Do you have a favorite singer/group from high school that you still love?

Obviously I still love Britters – I also enjoy Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block and of course N*SYNC FOREVER! Don’t judge, these groups and singers just bring out my inner screaming 14 year old boy band crazy self! 🙂

Show Me Your ARC

I would like to formally introduce you to my new organization system.


Isn’t she a beauty? Part of me wanted a more fun color than black, but it is more practical this way!


This is my ARC customizable notebook system. I was recommended this system by a friend and immediately had to order my own (I don’t believe they are available in stores, the books might be but not the inserts) – I have been using the ARC for a month now and it has done wonders for my organization.


Inside the front cover is a sleeve for papers and/or business cards – There are two choices for the notebook itself, a leather or poly option – I went with the leather because it seemed more sturdy, but it is also thicker so it comes down to a choice of what you are most comfortable with.


The thing about this notebook system is you can buy any sort of inserts to customize it any which way you want. I am a visual person so I like having a monthly calendar for me to fill out what is going on each day – I enjoy being able to have a quick look at each month (and crossing off each day makes me happy too!)


A quick little look at August – the month is filling up fast!


I also enjoy having a weekly calendar as well. Planning out my day as well as my appointments makes it easy for me to stay organized.


A week in the life of Leslie (and Her Little Dog Too)


Aside from the monthly and weekly calendars I also got a To-Do list insert. This is where I map out things I need to get done within the week, I cross it off when its done. I also use this space to keep track of potential blog post ideas when I think of something! Other inserts I got for my system include a few pocket dividers, to hold any loose papers, color dividers to separate the different sections of my planner as well as lined paper for notes!


This planner has worked wonders for me! I seriously love it!

Speaking of organizing, another cleaning/organizing tip I recently adopted from Caitlin that I have put into use in our apartment is her chore chart. I have separated each day into focusing on a separate room/area for cleaning. I spend a bit of time on each area on its designated day to keep it neat, clean and organized and it has kept our apartment looking great! I love having this little Sticky Note on my computer as a constant reminder – it helps keep me focused and makes cleaning and keeping clean our apartment less intimidating!


Do you have a favorite planner that you use? How do you clean/organize your home? I would love for you to share any tips/words of wisdom or secret tricks you may have that you use in your everyday life!

Hands at Home

Philly friends – if you are in need of an incredible massage check out Nicki at Hands at Home


She was recommended to me by my good buddy Sabrina and let me just tell you that Nicki is amazing! Her prices are really affordable and the best part about it is she comes right to your house! I love not having to fight traffic or find parking to get an amazing massage.


Jackson was a little confused about what was going on, he just sat there and watched but I could tell he enjoyed the soothing music!


I enjoyed an amazing massage and used a gift certificate that my brother got me for my birthday, so it was an awesome treat! I plan on integrating more massages into my life this marathon training season – my body is working so hard to train for the back to back 26.2 miles again so I want to take care of it!


Do you often treat yourself to massages? What is your favorite kind?

I am a lover of deep tissues & hot stones!

Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat

Dear Philly Friends – Go check out Honey’s Sit ‘N Eat in the Northern Liberties immediately if not sooner.


I had never heard about it until today – it was an incredibly tasty place to lunch!


The guacamole was delish


And I have been on a burrito kick recently so I enjoyed this monster!


This place was so tasty – everything was fresh and the menu has a bit of a local focus as well.

Love that!


I want to come back here for brunch – the word on the street is this place makes a mean omelet!


I’ll be back Honey’s!

Poolside in Santorini

Ok, ok! So I know I have been sharing a TON of honeymoon pictures, posts and memories with you the past month and a half. I bet you are sick and tired of looking at the gorgeous views we enjoyed for two weeks, but I had one final post from our time in Santorini and I wanted to share it with you.

honeymoon 4293

Our final day in Santorini was focused on relaxing! We enjoyed our breakfast on our balcony and I had my standard meal – banana & nutella crepe with a side of eggs. 

honeymoon 4209 

Nothing’s better than being served breakfast with a view.

honeymoon 4211

After our meal, Charles and I hit the pool.

honeymoon 4212

We spent most of our morning here. It was a gorgeous place to relax, unwind and enjoy the scenery.

honeymoon 4216 honeymoon 4224honeymoon 4243 

This shall forever more be referred to as “my happy place”

honeymoon 4254  honeymoon 4257  layingouthoneymoon 4288

After a morning of hanging by the pool, Charles and I went out for one last ride on the ATV.

honeymoon 4291 honeymoon 4292   honeymoon 4295

I was sad to say goodbye to these narrow roads & incredible views.

honeymoon 4296  honeymoon 4298 honeymoon 4302 

Also, I wanted to steal this mailbox. Cute, right?

honeymoon 4305 honeymoon 4309 honeymoon 4311 

We made our way back to Oia for one last visit, since it was my favorite spot on the island.

honeymoon 4317honeymoon 4325 honeymoon 4326 honeymoon 4333 

This was seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever been too.

honeymoon 4362  honeymoon 4365  honeymoon 4368 honeymoon 4369 honeymoon 4370 honeymoon 4371

We enjoyed our last moussaka – one of my new favorite Greek dishes that I hope to recreate at home.  

honeymoon 4372 

As well as some fabulous wine from our trip to the winery.

honeymoon 4376  honeymoon 4379 

And then we just sat and enjoyed our last Santorini sunset.

honeymoon 4381 honeymoon 4403 honeymoon 4410

The hotel was amazing and provided us with some champagne and strawberries to toast our honeymoon.

honeymoon 4414 

Cheers to our incredible trip

honeymoon 4421  honeymoon 4438   honeymoon 4447 

We said goodnight to the island as the sun sank into the sky.

honeymoon 4459  honeymoon 4464 honeymoon 4482 

But our early flight in the morning allowed us to see one amazing sunset the next morning!

honeymoon 4465

The teeny tiny airport in Santorini provided some excellent sunrise morning viewing.

honeymoon 4490

So while we waited for our early morning flight, I enjoyed the last sun-show in Santorini.

honeymoon 4491  honeymoon 4493   honeymoon 4496  honeymoon 4502 honeymoon 4503

So there you have it folks –our amazing honeymoon recap has come to and end! I hope you enjoyed my sharing of our travels as much I enjoyed sharing them with you!

honeymoon 4341

What was your favorite spot to read about on our honeymoon travels? Where would you travel too if money and time wasn’t an issue?

Cucumber Infused Gin

I was recently inspired by my sister-in-law Kate to create my own cucumber infused gin.


Seriously, nothing could be easier.


Slice & Dice some cukes.


Add your liquor of choice.


And put it in a cute little jar to sit for a while and get its infusion on.


I let this bad boy sit for about 2 days – add to some sparkling water or your mixer of choice and enjoy!


Have you ever infused a beverage before? What would be your favorite fruit or vegetable to infuse?

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