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July 17, 2011

Jackson On A Bike

This weekend has been a fabulous one! Yesterday I planned on getting up and going for a run, but i got a late start and it started to get hot in the late morning so Charles and I decided to take our bikes out instead – and i brought Jackson along for the ride!


Yes, I am THAT girl that bikes around with her puppy in a basket. That’s just how i roll.

We biked along /West River Drive and took a picture with our engagement spot in the background.


There was a race going on along Kelly Drive – 20 in 24 – and I really think Jackson brought a little bit of joy to all those people running and biking that saw him today. Most people think he is a stuffed animal in my basket until he moves or licks him lips and freaks them out.




Jackson really enjoyed the wind through his hair on his outing!


After our bike ride i went to King of Prussia to get my hair cut – I got a few inches taken off, a little bit of layering, a little bit of a side swoop bang and feather extensions! i had never heard of them before this week when my co-worker (Hi Stef!) told me about them. My hair stylist, Carrie had them and i decided to get a few. i think they are really fun.

Anyone else into the feathers in their hair?


I planned to take a picture of my entire new haircut last night, but apparently that didn’t happen. I’ll be sure to post a picture of my new ‘do soon!

After i got my hair did, Charles and I headed downtown for a birthday party – but before the party we went out for a little dinner and drink action.


We hit up The Farmer’s Cabinet which is now one of my favorite places in the city. It is owned by the same people who used to run Fork & Barrel, my favorite spot in East Falls, but it was recently shut down to focus on the Center City location. If you have the opportunity to go here for a drink – make sure you do so – and get the cheese fondue as well!


Today I plan on enjoyed a lazy Sunday with my Jersey boys. I slept in today until 11:00am, which never happens, so apparently my body needed it. it felt amazing to wake up slow and know that I have absolutely no plans today.

The rest of my day is going to consist of watching Ali Krieger and the rest of the Team USA Women’s World Cup team in the finals today! I played with Ali back in the day on the travel soccer team – the Prince William Sparklers. I will be cheering her on today!


And then I plan on ending my weekend with a lovely run today in the early evening. It’s not too hot and hopefully it will cool down a bit in the late afternoon for a nice leisurely run!


What did you do this weekend?

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