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July 27, 2011

Hands at Home

Philly friends – if you are in need of an incredible massage check out Nicki at Hands at Home


She was recommended to me by my good buddy Sabrina and let me just tell you that Nicki is amazing! Her prices are really affordable and the best part about it is she comes right to your house! I love not having to fight traffic or find parking to get an amazing massage.


Jackson was a little confused about what was going on, he just sat there and watched but I could tell he enjoyed the soothing music!


I enjoyed an amazing massage and used a gift certificate that my brother got me for my birthday, so it was an awesome treat! I plan on integrating more massages into my life this marathon training season – my body is working so hard to train for the back to back 26.2 miles again so I want to take care of it!


Do you often treat yourself to massages? What is your favorite kind?

I am a lover of deep tissues & hot stones!

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