Cucumber Infused Gin

I was recently inspired by my sister-in-law Kate to create my own cucumber infused gin.


Seriously, nothing could be easier.


Slice & Dice some cukes.


Add your liquor of choice.


And put it in a cute little jar to sit for a while and get its infusion on.


I let this bad boy sit for about 2 days – add to some sparkling water or your mixer of choice and enjoy!


Have you ever infused a beverage before? What would be your favorite fruit or vegetable to infuse?

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11 Responses to Cucumber Infused Gin

  1. I love my homemade cucumber infused vodka. Especially with a little Orange San Pellegrino! I made Basil Infused Vodka too, it’s fab with Lemon S.P.
    Beautiful! ~Megan

  2. I’ve made pineapple and strawberry infused rum and made homemade mojito’s with it! Sooo yummy!

  3. Oh I LOVE this idea! You’re making me dream of cocktails wayyyy too early in the morning…

  4. I have always wanted to try this. Looks pretty easy! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Hubby and I have made all types of flavored vodkas, vanilla, coffee, berry, mango, you name it we have tried it!

  6. This sounds amazing! We usually do the classic cucumbers or lemons in water but yours sounds so much more fun. There is a upscale bar around us that keeps large clear jugs of pineapple infused vodka with fresh pineapple chunks and it is incredible.

  7. Patty O

    Wow, so easy and looks pretty too! I think a cherry infused vodka sounds good to me, it might be a little sour though, or maybe a cantaloupe which is very sweet and ripe would be awesome!

  8. Yum – this sounds awesome!!! I would totally be making some cucumber gimlets with that concoction…

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  10. Naomi Pockell

    I used fresh figs in vodka. It had an amazing flavor and came out a delicate, rosy pink.

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