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August 27, 2011

Come On, Irene!

Remember last Fall when there was massive flooding in the East Falls area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?


I am expecting to wake up tomorrow morning to conditions way worse than that!

Today, on the East Coast Hurricane Irene is all the craze! I woke up watching the Weather Channel and have pretty much been watching the news all day. With my family in Northern Virginia, my sister in law in DC, the in-laws in South Jersey and Charles, Jackson and I in Philadelphia, we are all pretty affected by the storm. Not to mention the fact that my parents own property in Bethany Beach, Delaware and Charles’ parents own property in Avalon, New Jersey! We are all hoping the storm goes easy on the beach houses!


With the possibility of being stuck in our apartment all day tonight and tomorrow, Charles and I headed out to lunch in Manayunk today to brave the storm. I was surprised to see all the sandbags out on Main Street Manayunk but the area is very prone to flooding!


We enjoyed a little hurricane cheers and watched the news progress.


That is one big, bad storm, if you ask me!


The Manayunk Brew Pub is no stranger to hurricanes and flooding.



In 1999 Hurricane Floyd came all the way up to the bar!


The Brew Pub is right alongside the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia


The water has to rise A LOT to get up to the bar – but it has done it before and the current projected path for Irene is similar, if not worse than Floyd in 1999.


The owners of the Brew Pub are expecting the worst, but hoping for the best!




I rocked by Hunter Boots and my rain coat today! Love!


Ready for Rain in our gear!   




I am just hopeful we don’t lose power, but only time will tell!


How are you braving the Hurricane?

We went out last night and got some extra food and water and have been charging up our electronics all day so hopefully we will be good to go if things very bad and we lose power! Fingers crossed that won’t happen!


Hope you are staying safe out there!

Catch you on the flip side!


And the winner of my Running Skirt Giveway is Michelle from Crazy Running Legs!


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