Friday Favorites: Healthy Living Summit #HLS

Hello and Happy Friday! Today marks one of my favorite days of the year – the beginning of the Healthy Living Summit weekend! Woop Woop! I am so excited about this weekend not only because it is sure to be a fun weekend, but because this year it is being held in Philadelphia! No traveling for me! I am excited that I get to hang out with everyone in MY city!

For today’s Friday Favorites, in honor of the weekend’s festivities, I wanted to share some of my favorite highlights from LAST year’s HLS – in Chicago!


1 – A 16 Mile Run

Is it crazy that last year I ran my 16 miler as part of my Chicago Marathon training plan with the Healthy Living Summit Long Run group and my 16 mile training run falls this weekend this year?

HLS 330

Last year it was a PDR for me and it was so fun to run with this amazing group of people on Lake Michigan.

HLS 351

2- Sightseeing!

It was so much fun to travel around a new city with a bunch of new friends.

HLS 217  

This year, even though the HLS is taking place in the city I live in, I still hope to check out some fun tourist spots with my blogger buddies!

HLS 170

HLS 189

3- The Food

In Chicago, the food at the Summit was incredible. There were tons of different sponsored food breaks and everything was so tasty and delish!

HLS 135

HLS 125

4- The People (and the Pizza!)

HLS 310

I met some amazing people last year and got to hang out with friends from all over the country. It was a blast!

HLS 103

Can’t wait to do it all over again this weekend!



Are you going to be at Healthy Living Summit this weekend?

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8 Responses to Friday Favorites: Healthy Living Summit #HLS

  1. I can’t wait to see you! 🙂

  2. Excited to run with you again!!! It’s tomorrow morning right?

  3. I’m going! And I’m excited to meet everyone!

  4. Sooo exciting! You just got me crazy pumped! Can’t wait meet everyone

  5. Wish I was going to the conference but is it weird that I’m hoping to run into some bloggers while walking around the city? Is there another group run planned for this year? I’m training for the Philly Marathon and it would be fun to have new people to run with this weekend!

  6. Have a great time at HLS! I hope it’s as fun as last year and look forward to reading your recaps… I’d love to attend in the future!

  7. Patty O

    Have a great weekend right in your own backyard! Looking forward to hearing about the HLS recap! Enjoy your LONG run too!

  8. So great to meet you this weekend! Can’t wait to compare notes on the new coat 🙂 Have a great week!

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