Happy 5th Birthday, Jackson!

Happy Birthday Jackson!


Today, Jackson turns 5! I can’t believe my little pup is 5 years old – I can’t believe we have been together for 5 whole years now! Time sure flies when you are in love with your pup!

Today will be filled with lots of treats!


And even more squeaky toys!


Let’s take a little look back at pictures of Jackson’s first year:

When we first met.

Bonnie's Blue Male

Charles and Jackson are both from New Jersey so they immediately bonded over their roots!


Jackson hard at work.

Jackson was so small as a puppy, he fit into my sweatshirt!

Jackson is ALWAYS up for puppy play time, but he also knows how to nap like a champ!

The little prince on his pillow. I love his little white paw!

Love my Jersey boys!

My faithful little sidekick is another year older today!


Happy 5th Birthday Jackson!


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8 Responses to Happy 5th Birthday, Jackson!

  1. Jackson is so adorable. Happy 5th Birthday, Jackson!!

  2. Happy birthday Jackson!
    I’m so in love with shih tzu, like you, so cute, so small, so sweet!

    Enjoy it little boy!!

  3. Jenna

    Happy Birthday Jackson!

    My Shichon just turned 1 in April, however I still think of her as a puppy. Probably because she still has the puppy, bouncy energy!

  4. Emily G.

    Happy birthday to Jackson!! My baby just turned 7 (wahhhh!!) and I tear up every time I look back at his baby pictures. He was sooo little.

  5. Cute, cute, cute!! Happy birthday Jackson!

  6. John Crapster

    Happy birthday Jackson. You are such a
    cute boy!

    Uncle John

  7. Patty O

    Hope you got your 5th birthday card from grandma, grandpa and your uncle Michael! We love you lots and can’t wait to see you next weekend at the beach!
    Seeing all your baby photos warms my heart…

  8. Cat

    Jackson’s baby pics are so unbelievably adorable! Happy 5th birthday to him!

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