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November 22, 2011

German Rock Sugar

During my last trip to the mall with my mom, we did our usual stop at Teavana to test out their latest & greatest tea samples. I have been a big fan of their fresh, loose leaf teas for a while now. I was excited when we stumbled upon their standard tea sweetener – German Rock Sugar.



German rock sugar is pure, unrefined sugar crystals.

In Teavana’s opinion, it’s the best way to enhance the natural flavor of tea without changing it.


I tried it in my tea that day and haven’t looked back.


Kinda funny looking, aren’t they?



A teaspoon of these rock crystals -= 25 calories, but you don’t even need that much!



They offer a light sweetness to your tea which I love and they remind me of the rock candy I used to eat as a kid!


I just wanted to share with you my newest tea craze!

How do you sweeten your tea?

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