German Rock Sugar

During my last trip to the mall with my mom, we did our usual stop at Teavana to test out their latest & greatest tea samples. I have been a big fan of their fresh, loose leaf teas for a while now. I was excited when we stumbled upon their standard tea sweetener – German Rock Sugar.



German rock sugar is pure, unrefined sugar crystals.

In Teavana’s opinion, it’s the best way to enhance the natural flavor of tea without changing it.


I tried it in my tea that day and haven’t looked back.


Kinda funny looking, aren’t they?



A teaspoon of these rock crystals -= 25 calories, but you don’t even need that much!



They offer a light sweetness to your tea which I love and they remind me of the rock candy I used to eat as a kid!


I just wanted to share with you my newest tea craze!

How do you sweeten your tea?

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18 Responses to German Rock Sugar

  1. What a cool idea! I don’t sweeten my tea, I just drink it with a splash of steamed skim milk and cinnamon. That mug is beautiful!

  2. Michele

    I just had to buy some more too! It makes a big difference in my youthberry tea!

  3. That’s so nifty! I have to go to the mall soon anyway and now have an excuse to stop in there!

  4. Patty O

    I use Stevia as my sweetener, but I tried the German Rock Sugar and it’s wonderful! It’s also good to pop in your mouth when you are craving something sweet. I certainly recommend it!

  5. Jeff

    I love the sweetener that Teavana uses as well. They told me that in addition to helping retain the natural flavor of the tea that it is lower on the glycemic index as well (IE doesn’t affect blood sugar as much). Does anyone know if this is true or not?

    • David

      No, that’s a lie, and a particularly bad one to tell if the person you’re telling is diabetic. Sugar is sugar, and coming in bigger brown chunks does precisely nothing to make it have less impact on blood sugar. The only thing it does is sell you the same amount of sugar for fifty times the price of ground cane sugar in a grocery store.

      If price isn’t an object and you like the spiffy presentation of the rock sugar, go for it! It definitely does look spiffy, much classier than dumping white sugar in your drink. But if you’re actually endangered by blood sugar, avoid it just like you would any other crystal sugar. Go with stevia or an artificial sweetener instead.

      • Andrew

        The only reason I can see as to why this stuff is lower on any glycemic index is in density. It’s clearly not as pure of a form of sugar as the supermarket stuff, so one teaspoon of this is going to contain less glucose than one teaspoon of normal sugar by some indeterminate amount – which may or may not be significant.

  6. TCS

    Actually, just to point something out. Grocery stores do not sell any version of german rock sugar. They sell cane sugar only. Rock sugar is made from beets.

  7. Tiffany Anne

    I love teavana, and I just made a pot of teavana tea just now. It’s the relaxation blend with the lavender tea, and peaches, and white tea and the jasmine dragon phoenix pearls, dried pineapples all sorts mixed together. I love the German rock sugar i sure do go through it fast though

  8. Maureen

    Unfortunately, the “German Rock Sugar” as Teavana likes to call it, is made from sugar beets, one of the largest crops in the US. It is also one of the five major crops made with GMO’s. The five GMO crops are: corn, canola, papaya, soy, and sugar beets. So the next time you want to pop one of those delicious brown rocks in your mouth or tea, realize that you are popping in GMO’s as well. Very sad to learn this fact, as Teavana professes to be company helping women and children in the world.

  9. Has anyone heard about Stevia, we sell it at We sell it in whole leaf form, least processed so you can add a pinch with your tea and it naturally sweetens you tea with no calories. Do so research and you will find that stevia is a great alternative to most sweeteners.

  10. Dorothy

    Good news! According to the Livestrong website, a teaspoon is only 15 calories!! Yay. Love the stuff, too.

  11. thomas

    would like to know the facts about the German rock sugar from teavana, GMO or not. I can’t seem to find anything on the web about it.

  12. Crowdpsoter

    Regarding the comment by Maureen about Teavana stating they help women and children–Unfortunately, Teavana is now owned by Starbucks and Starbucks is one of the companies supporting a bill in Congress (House of Representatives right now; see the Organic Consumers Association for more information) to prevent STATES from having the RIGHT to pass a law requiring labeling (of GMOs, etc) on foods. This is the response of Monsanto to states actually, and finally, passing labeling laws. (On first attempt in Vermont to pass a labeling law, the government was threatened by Monsanto with a lawsuit and so let their bill die, but the brave, stalwart folks of Vermont went for it again!) (Gee, why on earth should we have the right to know what goes into our bodies?! ). To try to keep their individual corporate names out of this evil effort, a “Grocery Manufacturer’s Association” was created. Makes one wonder what about Starbucks/Seattle’s Best/Teavana don’t they want you to know about their products?

  13. Molly

    Thanks for this thread and those of you who posted about the real facts behind the rock sugar… I assumed it was GMO beets when I found it at my friend’s place, but is that known for sure? Why is there NO info on the “sugar rocks” from Germany?! Does Germany grow beets for sugar? Creepy & sneaky.

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