And Her Little Merry Christmas Too

Merry Christmas from the And Her Little Dog Too family!

This is our 2011 Holiday Card which features a few of my favorite wedding pictures!


I am sort of obsessed with sending a Holiday card every year – check out some of ours from the past few years!

2010 Holiday Card – Peace & Love

2009 Holiday Card – Peace & Love (yes, again!)

2008/2007 Holiday Cards – Holiday Jackson

And in case you wanted a closer look – here is are the originals of some of those wedding pictures:


….on the Villanova campus


…having fun in the photo booth


….Jackson before the ceremony


….a little peak of my something blue!

I hope you are having a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones! Charles, Jackson and I are spending the morning in Virginia with my family and then heading up to spend the afternoon/evening with his family in New Jersey! Safe Travels to anyone on the road and I hope everyone’s day is filled with laughter, smiles and lots of good presents from Santa!

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6 Responses to And Her Little Merry Christmas Too

  1. Merry Christmas. Always love your photos.

  2. Merry Christmas! Love the pictures-the blue shoes are too cute!

  3. Patty O

    We loved having “And Her Little Dog Too” family here for Christmas! As always, it was much to short. Loved your photo card!

  4. Beautiful card, all fabulous photos! Hope your holiday was fabulous 🙂 It was def a warmer than usual Christmas this year in VA!

  5. Love the card, and your dress! Happy New Year!

  6. Notagrinch

    Happy Holidays and super cute card! I’m sorry to be “that commenter,” but there shouldn’t be an apostrophe in “The Brinkleys.”

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