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January 8, 2012

Windsor Inn – Home of the World’s 2nd Best Hot Wings

This weekend Charles and I met my parents up in Jermyn, PA – my grandmother is not doing so well, she is 91 and in a nursing home, so we went up to visit her for the day. My dad is from Jermyn, it’s also where my grandma has lived her entire life so we know the area very well – this weekend we introduced Charles to the Windsor Inn – the home of the World’s 2nd Best Hot Wings!


It’s not a fancy dining establishment, but the food is pretty good so we always stop here whenever we are in town!


Besides, who wouldn’t want to test out the 2nd best hot wings in the world?!




We ordered a bunch of (unhealthy) eats for the table and shared. It was nice to munch on a little bit of everything – especially the pizza, it’s one of my favorites!




Along with the pizza we enjoyed some Warsaw Pierogies which are covered in hot sauce and come with bleu cheese on the side.


Nom Nom Nom.


And last but not least we had to get some wings – I love the sauce they have here, its so tasty.



Not the healthiest meal I have ever eaten, but we split all of this between 4 people and each had a little bit of each. It was nice to catch up with my mom and dad over some good comfort food!

Have you ever eaten the “best of” something? What was it and where was it from?!

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