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February 7, 2012

Make Your Own Applesauce

Another awesome, clean and super easy recipe from my 40 Days program that I tested out that I just had to share.

Homemade Applesauce!

It doesn’t get any easier than this, and when you are on a fruit cleanse, this is necessary in your life!



12 apples of choice ( I think I used 1/2 gala, 1/2 fiji)
1/2 cup organic 100% apple juice ( I juiced my own )
1 cinnamon stick


Slice and peel apples into 4, Put in Slow Cooker on high
Pour apple juice over mixture, throw in cinnamon stick.

Easy as that!


Cook until tender and falling apart. Smash with potato masher (while in pot) and turn onto “low” mode.


Serve Hot & Enjoy!


The word on the street is throwing some of your favorite fruit, like blueberries, makes this applesauce even more amazing!


And another added bonus (as if you even need one!) is that it leaves your kitchen smelling AHHmazing!

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