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February 15, 2012

A Numbers Game

Check out the gift I got Charles for Valentine’s Day yesterday:


I saw this little number on pinterest and immediately fell in love. I really enjoy the fact that the numbers can be different to anyone who creates this poster, and these numbers mean so much to us and our relationship.

The hubs is a numbers guy, which is another reason why I thought this would be the perfect gift! The first reason being the fact that it is clearly awesome!

I will let you in on our special numbers, only because my readers are amazing!

1) 11/11/2005 – Our First Kiss

2) 10/05/2009 – We Got Engaged

3) 05/21/2011 – Our Wedding Day

4) 10/25/1983 – Charles’ birthday

(typo issue here on the date, getting it fixed!)

5) 06/12/1984 – My Birthday

6) 08/17/2006 – Jackson’s Birthday

What are your top 6 favorite dates and what do they represent?

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