Frozen Grapes

my new favorite snack.


just try it – you won’t be disappointed!

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6 Responses to Frozen Grapes

  1. Patty O

    I agree, they are delicious!

  2. I have some grapes I need to eat in my fridge right now–they are officially going in the freezer!

  3. This is my favorite non-dessert dessert!

  4. I do too! They are also great in a glass of white wine. Gives it an extra grapi-ness!

  5. Frozen grapes are THE BEST THING EVER! My friend recently introduced them to me and I was seriously in love, they are like eating CANDY. A replacement for candy, who knew!? Now if someone could just take care of freezing them for me constantly…

  6. Throw them in the food processor to make grape sorbet. You’ll love it!

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