Springtime in Philadelphia

Can you believe the gorgeous weather we are having this week?

I could get used to THIS!

This gorgeous weather has got me very excited that Spring is in the air!

Some Springtime happenings I am most excited for include:

Phillies games at the ballpark

Cocktails outside, enjoying the sun

Gorgeous walks and runs along Kelly Drive

Springtime races!


What are YOU most excited for this Spring?

In other news, I am having blog drama – Ecto is completely not working for me on my Mac any longer. I have tried many things, its just not working. What blog editor do you suggest for a Mac?
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2 Responses to Springtime in Philadelphia

  1. Love love LOVE Kelly Drive in the Spring! It’s so nice this week!

  2. Patty O

    Spring is here in Northern Virginia as well! Flowers and Trees are all in bloom. Enjoying my walks outside in the warm sunshine! Hope you can get your blog working on your MAC soon! Maybe you need to clean up your MAC?

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