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April 2012

Pack & Go

I came into my room to finish packing my suitcase for our trip tomorrow morning and found this:

I think Jackson wants to be a little stow-away in my bag!

Sadly, where we are headed, he can’t join us.

We will miss little Jackson, but while we are gone, I know he will have lots of fun with his grandparents in New Jersey!

I will attempt to post once we get to our final destination – I can’t wait to share our trip with you!

Catch ya on the flip side!

30 Minute Chicken Gumbo

Another day, another amazing meal.
I made my first gumbo, using a rotisserie chicken for the first time and it turned out amazing.

The stars of this gumbo included a rotisserie chicken, spicy smoked sausage and okra which created a tasty cajun stew.

I found this amazing recipe by Martha Stewart from reading Iowa Girl Eats Friday Favorites.

30 minutes on the stove and dinner is served!

With a side of cornbread, the meal is complete.

The chicken, sausage, okra and all the spices came together beautifully.The meal was a hit, I will definitely be enjoying this again soon!

Have you ever made gumbo? Please share your recipe! 

Sampan Philadelphia

This weekend Charles & I hit up a new (to us) restaurant in Philadelphia.

Sampan is located on one of my favorite streets (to dine on) in Center City – 13th Street!

It boasts modern Asian Street flavors with a flare!

I started the evening off with a Honey Whiskey Jar.

Perfect start to a lovely evening outside enjoying the weather.

Charles and I started off the meal with the Korean BBQ Beef Satay.

It was seasoned with Kim Chee & ginger – tasted incredible.

Next up was the main course – We split the Crispy Szechuan Chicken.

It was a massive portion, we were so happy we shared, it was also out of this world.

Because I have a major love affair with Brussels sprouts, I had to test out the ones on the menu.

Our side of sprouts were seasoned with fish sauce, puffed rice & chili. They were awesome!

I ended my meal just as I began, with a cocktail!

This time I enjoyed the Sampantini – Hendrick’s Gin, Aloe Vera & Cucumber.

It was the perfect ending to an amazing dinner. Can’t wait to come back!

Where is your favorite Asian Fusion restaurant?!

Lasagna Soup

Another dinner success in the kitchen!

lasagnasoup 031 

It’s Lasagna Soup!

lasagnasoup 032

I love this dish because it tastes exactly like lasagna, but it’s so much lighter with less pasta & cheese. It’s a win all around.

 lasagnasoup 033

I prepared it with hot sausage, which Charles enjoyed – I found it gave the soup a little kick. It was so tasty, I can’t event tell you how good it was – you have to give it a try if you are looking for a new soup in your life.

lasagnasoup 034

I found this amazing recipe on a farmgirl’s dabbles  – a new blog obsession – go check her out for awesome recipes!

lasagnasoup 035

What is your favorite dish that can also be crafted into a soup?

lasagnasoup 036

Vacation Booked!

I hope your weekend was as fun filled as mine! I spent Friday night rocking’ my new plaid shirt from J.Crew.

Paired with my new Crocs. I am sort of in love with both of these thing.

Charles and I spent Friday night at our new favorite watering hole.

An ice cold beer on a warm Spring day pretty much hits the spot.

Saturday we had plans to make a big breakfast but we were out of a main ingredient so we hit up one of our favorite spots for breakfast – the Trolley Car Cafe, and we brought Jackson along with us!

Saturday was gorgeous in Philly, but I didn’t get to play outside in the sun. Charles spent the day working on our taxes and I spent the day stalking the internet for the best vacation deal possible.

It took all day long, with tons of travel sites searched but before dinner I booked us a fabulous vacation!

We leave in 12 days!!


If you could pack up and go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?


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