Vacation Booked!

I hope your weekend was as fun filled as mine! I spent Friday night rocking’ my new plaid shirt from J.Crew.

Paired with my new Crocs. I am sort of in love with both of these thing.

Charles and I spent Friday night at our new favorite watering hole.

An ice cold beer on a warm Spring day pretty much hits the spot.

Saturday we had plans to make a big breakfast but we were out of a main ingredient so we hit up one of our favorite spots for breakfast – the Trolley Car Cafe, and we brought Jackson along with us!

Saturday was gorgeous in Philly, but I didn’t get to play outside in the sun. Charles spent the day working on our taxes and I spent the day stalking the internet for the best vacation deal possible.

It took all day long, with tons of travel sites searched but before dinner I booked us a fabulous vacation!

We leave in 12 days!!


If you could pack up and go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?


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6 Responses to Vacation Booked!

  1. Barcelona. Hands down my #1 dream place to visit. I’ll get there one day!

  2. Ara

    That’s so cool that you were able to take your dog with you to breakfast. I honestly can’t think of anywhere in Utah that you can do that.

    If I could pack up & go anywhere today, I’d either go on a single’s cruise or I’d go to Sweden. I’ve always wanted to go to Sweden. I better get a passport first.

  3. Patty O

    I’m leaving for one of my dream vacations in another day to the British Virgin Islands for a week on a Catamaran. But in September, another dream vacation is booked for 3 weeks in Spain. I’m good this year!

  4. Hooray for a vaca! I would honestly love to go to SO many places! But ultimately, I would love to do one MASSIVE trip to Europe. I would just city hop and take in all the different cultures and customs.

  5. Since having a baby 18 months ago, the hubby and I haven’t had any time away together… I would love to go back to where we honeymooned in Jamaica.

    Where did you decide to go?

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