and her little juice cleanse too

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I am excited to say that I am officially back on the juicing train! I was inspired by Aileen earlier this week when she told me about a 3 day juice cleanse she was doing – I suddenly realized that it had been way to long {like seriously, waaaayyy to long!} since I busted out my juicer.

Ever since she told me about the cleanse, I have been craving juice like woah.


So I did a little research and a little planning and decided to attempt recreate the Catalyst Cleanse at home. If I were to purchase the cleanse, it would be $180 for 18 drinks {6 each day} – I am pretty sure I can re-create the exact same juices at home for cheaper! Save a few bucks, give my body a rest to heal & clean itself and give my healthy eating habits a little jump start. Plus it will be extra motivation to look good in my swim suit in 2 weeks!


So here’s the deal – I am planning to get my 3 day juice cleanse on next week! I am thinking Monday – Wednesday of next week will be the perfect time for a few days of juicing. But let’s be honest, it’s more fun to do something like this with a few friends – you can never have enough motivation & support during a cleanse!

Having an awesome support group is how I made it through the 40 Days to Personal Revolution {which was a yoga, meditation & clean eating program}

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I would love it if you would join me next week with my 3 day juice cleanse! I will be testing out the juice recipes beforehand & sharing them with you on the blog. I am really excited about this because I’ve been saying I am going to do a juice cleanse for a while now & now that when/where is officially out there – I am committed! Stay tuned for the juicing goodness!

Who wants in on the fun?Use #andherlittlecleansetoo to share the love on twitter or instagram – and feel free to shoot me an email with any questions! andherlittledogtoo {at} gmail {dot} com



For more green monster {and juices!} recipes – check out my Green Monster 101 page!

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8 Responses to and her little juice cleanse too

  1. Kim Ary

    I just bought a juicer and have no idea where to start! I would love to do a 3 day cleanse!

  2. Patty O

    I need to do a cleanse too – may join in with you as well!

  3. It’s definitely better to make your own juices at home — cheaper and more fresh! I’m a Juice Cleansing Coach and can definitely say that juice cleansing is one of the best things you can do for your body!

  4. Joy

    If my juicer gets here in time in in!

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