It’s A…..

Prince or Princess Gender Reveal Cupcakes Parents Eating Cupcakes Baby Blue Parents to Be Families in Blue Its A Boy! Blue For Boys Baby Bump Outtakes Baby Blues Fingerprints and Cupcakes Cupcakes & FingerprintsBlue Converse Love

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16 Responses to It’s A…..

  1. Haley

    Congrats!! Love all the pictures 🙂

  2. Mazel tov!! Baby boys are the CUTEST.

  3. Becky

    Congrats! Having a son will bring the greatest joy to your life. Boys love their mamas!

  4. Lauren

    Congratulations! A best friend for your bbf’s twins!

  5. Desiree

    Congratulations! Little boys are the best!

  6. Laura

    Congratulations!!! So exciting. I was wrong- I thought it was a girl! The pictures are very cute too!

  7. Leslie

    Awwww wonderful reveal! Congratulations on the baby boy!!!

  8. Lauren

    congratulations!! i just had my first, a boy, 4 weeks ago!

  9. Patty O

    So excited for my little man, grandson! Your son will be an awesome joy in your life – boys have a special place in their hearts for their mother!

  10. Congrats! Love all the pictures!

  11. Ashley

    I knew it was a boy! Congrats!!!! Oh, you look awesome btw!

  12. LOVE all your pics and how you revealed if it was a boy or girl! Cute idea! You’re gorgeous!! Congrats on the little prince!! 🙂

  13. Congrats!!! Love all the small blue details too (love your necklace!!) Boys are the best – I’m biased since I have a son 🙂

  14. Congrats – those pics are the cutest!! And little boys are the best. . .;)

  15. Liz

    Congrats! Little boys are the absolute best, after having one I want at least 2 more!

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