Must Have’s for Traveling with Baby

Since it’s a holiday week & so many people are out and about traveling with their families {and new babies!} this summer, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of my favorites for traveling with a baby! I made a list a few months ago on my favorite things for traveling with an infant & this list certainly has changed since then!

I’m no expert on the subject, but I have gone to Walt Disney World with a 3 month old, hit the beaches in Bethany Bay, Delaware & Avalon, NJ and made countless trips from PA to VA to spend time with my parents – all in the past 5 months. Needless to say I’ve become quite good a packing up a car with & we have come to love a few things more than most that have become essentials for any trip.

Check out my a few of my favorite things for traveling with a baby & feel free to share your must-haves too!


Traveling with Baby

1- The MamaDoo has become a serious MUST for any trip. We fell in love with this a few weeks ago & have used it countless times for when Brooks is sleeping in the pack n play. I swear by it – it seems so much more comfortable than a regular travel mattress & he sleeps so well on it.

2- This little Baby Buddy strap is my new favorite thing. It attaches to anything & everything baby and secures itself to the carseat, table, stroller, whatever so the toy doesn’t go flying. I love this thing.

3- The Take Along Tunes has been Brooks’ own personal music box on every road trip. It calms him down in a pinch if he’s fussy and he really has come to love any & all music. We don’t leave home without this little guy.

4- This travel high chair is all sorts of amazing. It folds flat, attaches to most tables & Brooks is at that stage now where he likes to be upright. So it’s nice to have him being able to hang out next to me on the table. We haven’t taken this out to dinner yet, but we totally will – it’s fantastic!

5- I never leave home without a baby carrier & this wrap is perfect for traveling because it packs up into a ball and comes with a carrying case. You can also use this wrap in a variety of different holds – I always keep this handy, in the storage are of my stroller when we are out and about, just incase Brooks wants to be held.

6- I wouldn’t say Brooks is teething yet, but the time is near & he currently loves chomping on these keys. They are great because you can freeze them for a nice cooling sensation against the little one’s gums – which is great also on these hot summer days!

7- The GoPod was a no brainer when my friend first told me about it. It folds up so it’s easy to take anywhere & its another great option to have to be able to put the baby down safely. We’ve taken it to the beach & the pool and it’s been a hit!

8- You always need a hat for your little one, especially when he/she is hairless! This Free Hugs hat is my go-to hat because it’s so stink in’ cute! I’m obsessed.

9- The Babysitter Balance is the one thing we’ve used since Brooks was a little guy and are still using it today, 5 months later. We’ve certainly gotten our money’s worth with this piece of baby gear {along with the wooden toy} It’s come with us on every beach trip & visit to grandma/grandpa’s house in VA – I even tried to take it to Disney with us, but it was juuuuust a little too big for my suitcase.


Now it’s your turn to share your favorite baby travel essential!

Let me know what you can’t live without!


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  • Reply Ashley @ Running Bun June 30, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    this is great thank you! My husband and I are driving to North Carolina (from NJ) in a few weeks with our 3 month old! eeek

  • Reply Patty O June 30, 2014 at 8:37 pm

    Great suggestions!

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