Six Months with Baby Brooks

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One of these days I’m going to have to stop referring to him as “Baby Brooks,” but not today! Even though I feel like this past month he has grown up so much, into this perfectly sweet little man, who is becoming more and more mobile each day and has opinions! But more on all that in a bit.


Growth – At Brooks’ 6 month check up last week he measured in at 17 pounds 11 ounces / 2 feet 3 inches with a head size of 17 inches.  He’s at 50% for his weight, 60% for his height and 40% for his head size for his age – all in the normal range.

Feeding We are still going strong exclusively nursing at the 6 month mark. Brooks had his first cold while we were on vacation a few weeks ago, which caused him to want some extra feedings at night & during the day. This ended up causing my nipple on my left side {that is prone to soreness} to crack which caused major discomfort for me for a while. I’m still pretty much soaking it in lanolin but it’s getting better each day, for a day or two there I thought about stopping, but I’m glad I pushed through. It’s getting better each day but it was rough goings for a while there.


Baby Led Weaning – I’m going to do a specific post on baby led weaning to share with you how that’s been going for us after we are about a month into it but we started down the BLW route a few weeks & it’s been going ok. It’s only been a short time but each day is different. Some days he’s more into food than others and I’m ok with that- right now its all about learning and exploring with food and continuing to have our normal milk feedings.


Sleeping I feel like I jinxed myself a bit after I shared with you our sleep training update {at 5 months old} along with my Day in the Life post because sleeping had been going so well for us for so long – I knew it was a matter of time before Brooks shook things up for us! While on vacation, Brooks had his first cold which screwed up his sleeping and eating schedule for a few days & two weeks later we are still working to get back to sleeping entirely through the night. He’s been going down at his normal time, 7pm and sometimes getting up at 3/4/5 am – he usually feeds and then goes back to sleep around 6/7am so it’s not a huge deal, but for a few days there he was getting up 2-3 times a night extra {because he wasn’t feeling well} I’m hoping he gets back to his normal sleep groove, but something tells me teething is imminent and that’s going to bring some sleepless nights on the horizon.


Clothes I just went through Brooks’ closet and got rid of most of his clothes that were under 6 months. The 6 month range is fitting him perfectly right now – for the most part he’s been pretty true to sizing for his age, but I’m hesitant to buy to much too far in advance because I’m sure if I do, he’ll have a growth spurt and skip a whole size!


Loves Brooks is on the move more and more each day. He loves being up and it constantly rolling around all over the place. He’s working on perfecting sitting on his own and is thisclose to crawling – which seems early to me? He loves being outside in the stroller or in the carrier and he loves all sorts of music. He’s shown a bit of “stranger danger” this past month when meeting new people, especially in large groups he gets a little overwhelmed, but for the most part he is happy, smiley and a flirt to the ladies. He enjoys playing and exploring on his own for a bit and then likes having a buddy to interact with. He’s been such a joy the past 6 month, I can’t believe how lucky we are!


Jackson & Brooks Update – Brooks finds Jackson {and all dogs} hilarious and I’m pretty sure he thinks they are put in front of him solely for his entertainment, which sometimes is true. He loves to giggle and laugh whenever Jackson plays or runs around, he just watches him constantly all around the room. Jackson is still not interested in Brooks at all. But he does seem to make his way into the kitchen and under Brooks’ high chair anytime it’s mealtime for Mr. B. I’m nervous for when Brooks really starts to crawl because the first thing he’s going to do is make a beeline for Jackson – this little dog better get ready to be chased!


Highlights from Brooks’ 6 month include: Joining me for his first 5K {stroller} race, celebrating an engagement cookout for his uncle and soon to be aunt, enjoying a family vacation down the {eastern} shore & meeting his uncle, Robert for the first time  and just enjoying soaking up the summer sun {while being properly sun-blocked}

I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months have in store for us!

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  • Reply Monique August 14, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    he loves the camera! what a ham! Such a cutie.
    Brooks updates are my favorite!

  • Reply Jenn C August 14, 2014 at 9:36 pm

    He is super cute!

  • Reply Patty O August 15, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    Wow – Can’t believe Brooks is 6 months old – loved every second on it!
    Brooks is such a doll!

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