True Life.

I have to say that {for the most part} I have had a really great 10 months at home with my little man. He’s been a joy to be around and I am lucky to call myself his mom.

But, it’s time for a little true life up in here-> yesterday, I had a bad day.

Brooks is super mobile, into everything and has opinions. And guess what, at 10 months old, there’s no reasoning with him! Ha! For some reason yesterday towards the end of the day I didn’t have the patience for any of it.

I’m not sure if I am PMSing or the fact that I’ve been bad about taking my prenatal vitamins the past few weeks {I still try to take them religiously since I’m nursing} so it might be a hormonal thing, but yesterday I just felt off. I have also been struggling with a bit of back soreness from carrying Brooks so much, which has been getting a little worse recently and of course that didn’t help matters. Normally, Brooks’ cries or him getting into everything doesn’t bother me – I could listen to him laugh & bang pots and pans for hours, but not yesterday.

I was counting down the minutes after 4:00pm, waiting for Charles to get home – which usually is around 6:15pm. It was a loooong 2+ hours. And when Charles did get home I just looked at him, told him I had a rough day and said I needed a few minutes to myself, so he took Brooks & they did their usual roll around & play after work time together. This is when I usually finish up dinner, clean the downstairs floors and pick everything up – we like to de-baby the main level & put everything away when Brooks goes to bed, to keep everything in order. But yesterday I went upstairs & took a hot shower to decompress and it was amazing.

When I realized that I was having an off day, I started to feel bad about saying anything. I get to stay home with my little man so I shouldn’t complain right? But people have off days in their everyday jobs, so why should this be any different? I think it’s hard to understand what being a SAHM really is unless you are in it – and I don’t mean to take anything away from working moms because honestly I can’t imagine doing that either – 40+ hours on top of raising a child & keeping your house from falling down, thats impressive.  I can barely get a load of laundry done around here and I don’t even have a ‘job’, so hats off to you!

Working or Stay at Home, either way – this whole mom this is a tough job!

And I’m not complaining at all. I think I have had a relatively smooth sailing transition from being pregnant to being a mom. Sure there have been lots of nights with very little sleep, and I expect that – and 90% of the time, my little man is a happy baby and I am so grateful for that. But I do have my struggles!

I wanted to share my little struggle yesterday because no matter what I post on the blog or on Instagram, it’s not always rainbows & butterflies over here. I’ve had a pretty great 10 months and yesterday was just an off day for me. There is nothing easy about being a mom, it’s pretty tough some days but it’s also the best job in the world.  I’m lucky and blessed to be able to stay home with my little man, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

And for your viewing pleasure – here are some “mom life” images that came up on my Pinterest feed that made me laugh today. Come back tomorrow for a fun giveaway!


stay at home mom 3







Do you have any true life mom struggles to share with me?

How do you deal with “off days”


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  • Reply Ani December 3, 2014 at 9:39 am

    I hear ya sister! I am almost 8 weeks into the mom job and have 4 weeks of maternity leave left before I go back to work. After the first few weeks I realized that an office job is “easier” in many ways than a SAHM job. At the office you can get coffee when you want/need to, go to the bathroom as needed and are guaranteed to look presentable daily. Being home with the baby is amazing and hats off to you and other SAHMs (including my mom when I was a kid)… it’s no 40 hour a week job that’s for sure! Thanks for sharing… I also have a baby boy and it’s all new to me… your blog is a huge help in milestones and tips!

  • Reply Jessie December 3, 2014 at 10:27 am

    I truly appreciate your honesty, Leslie. It’s posts like these that need to be written. All you hear is the positives, but never the struggles. Which I can imagine wasn’t easy to even write. I commend you for recognizing that it is okay to feel this way. You kept it together & treated yourself to a nice warm shower.

  • Reply Emily December 3, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    Thanks for keeping it real! As amazing as being a mom is, some days you definitely just have to get yourself through!

  • Reply Patty O December 4, 2014 at 8:13 am

    Sorry to hear this sweetie, you should have called me! Unfortunately, being a SAHM is not all roses everyday. When you are feeling overwhelmed , take a deep breath and count your blessings. Also, get some type of rub for your back or a Salonpas patch at CVS (really helps). I, too, was feeling like you some days, remember joining mom play groups and pre-school really helps for breaks for yourself. Also, try and get out a couple of times a week for a walk/run by yourself when daddy is home. Exercise does wonders as well as eating right (green monsters). I’m always here for you – Love you!

  • Reply Elizabeth December 4, 2014 at 8:56 am

    I hear ya! I work full time and some days are not easy. If I have a tough day at work and my daughter is being difficult at home, I can snap at her. I try and focus on the time I have with her at home. And that my working is important for our family. It’s always a balancing act. Keep it up!

  • Reply JS December 4, 2014 at 10:18 am

    It’s all totally normal; I went through it with my both babies (now 5 and 2). My best advice is to find a group of women to go through it with. I live in the suburbs of Philly and found a great moms group (Mothers and More) when my oldest was around a year. It was/has been such an enormous help.

    May today feel better.

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