January Stitch Fix #18 Review

baby fix

I think it’s time to share with the blog world that {I think} my little man gets as excited as I do when my monthly Stitch Fix arrives in the mail.

Because, obviously, a box & tissue paper are, like, the most fun thing EVER to little babes. Duh.


For this Fix, like all the others, I spent some quality time researching & requesting specific pieces I was looking for & had seen on other bloggers. This has always been super helpful in getting sent awesome pieces. Even if they don’t have exactly what I am looking for – I usually get sent something similar, or better!, which is awesome!

baby help

So without further ado, here’s what I received in my latest Fix –  Check out my pieces and please let me know what you think!

And don’t forget -> If you want to try Stitch Fix out for yourself, please use my referral link to sign up AND check out my Stitch Fix page to get caught up on all my previous Fixes!


Mavi Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jean in Navy {$128}

Mavi Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jean

First up are the jeans! Since I wore them in every other picture you will see for the rest of this Fix I wanted to share them with you first. So I totally have been on the lookout for some distressed jeans. I think they are really cool – and now that I stay at home & live in the city & am always out and about with my little man, I totally think they are fun to wear!

Ruxin Distress Boyfriend Jeans

They came out of the box cuffed up, which I enjoy – especially in warmer months – but I think they look nice un-cuffed too. When I first tried these one, I was pretty sure I would keep them. They fit & feel great, but I don’t think the fit translated well in these photos & it’s making me second guess myself. I think they look a little loose on me in the pictures – but they didn’t feel that way on. They ARE boyfriend jeans so the fit is supposed to be a little different – maybe I’m just not used to it yet!

They are a little on the pricey side, but I don’t think its too crazy for a good brand of jeans, which these are. This is a tough one, since I’ve been on the hunt for jeans like these. What do you think? Keep or Return?

Mavi Jeans uncuffed


Mystree Lillah Quilten Ponte Jacket in Black {$78}

Mystree Lillah Quilted Ponte Jacket

This jacket I initially didn’t think I would keep but it’s sort of growing on me. I’m not into the faux leather on the shoulders, but I do love the sweater detail on the sleeves – plus this bad boy is fleecy and has pockets! Win! Sort of reminds me of a letterman jacket of sorts, but way more modern. What do you think about this piece?

Lillah Quilted Ponte Jacket


Mak B Ralph Cable Knit Detailed Raglan Sweater in Orange {$48}

Mak B Ralph Cable Knit Detailed Raglan Sweater

This sweater I am sort of in love with – I have to be honest with you. The color photographed sort of muted, but it’s a really pretty pink & white mixture in real life. It’s soft & vibrant at the same time, I wish I could share it more with you!

Ralph Cable Knit Sweater

I also love how the sweater looks with the jeans! This outfit together is totally my style. To me, the price point for this sweater is pretty good too, because it’s really well made & heavy -> perfect for the winter!

Do you love this sweater as much as I do? I sort of want it in every color!

sweater and jeans


Fun2Fun Torrey Henley Button Top in White {$48}

Fun2Fun Torrey Henley Button Top

This plaid henley top I am totally on the fence about. I have been on the hunt to add more plaid/fleece tops to my collection this year – because they are so easy to wear – and I initially thought this would be a great one but I’m not 100% sure. I enjoy the colors, the collar and the overall length, but I’m not sure the actual pattern of the stripes does me any favors. It’s very comfortable but the 3/4 length sleeves also bother me a little {I HATE 3/4 length sleeves! Ha!}

It’s cute, but I’m not sure it’s cute enough to keep. What are your thoughts?

Torrey Henley Button Top


Street Level Benian Easy Tote with Chain Detail in Black {$68}

Street Level Benian Easy Tote with Chain Detail

I’ve still been searching for an awesome black bag to add to my collection but I really don’t think this one is it. As I have mentioned in a previous Fix, I’m not really into chain detail. At All. It’s just not me.

I enjoy the color and the shape of this bag, and the fact that it comes with an extra bonus bag {see photo above!} but the damn chain bother me! Ah!

Benin Easy Tote


Now it’s the hard part -> Making a decision!

What do YOU think I should keep?

What Should I Keep?

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what to keep1


If you want to try Stitch Fix out for yourself, please use my referral link to sign up!

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Don’t forget to catch up on my past Fixes by checking out my Stitch Fix page!

And just incase you aren’t Stitch Fix obsessed {like I am, duh!} – here’s some information on how you can try Stitch Fix out for yourself – Feel free to let you know if you have any questions!

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  • Reply Kathy January 5, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    I like the way the jeans and the jacket look on you. Very cute! I’m wondering if your mom and/or mother-in-law are still getting fixes. I really enjoy seeing their fixes too.

  • Reply Nicole January 5, 2015 at 10:18 pm

    Definitely not the jeans! One of the least appealing Stitchfix items I’ve seen you try, and you normally have adorable clothes!

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